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“James, someone’s here.”
“I know…stay here.”

James Potter slowly stood from the comforts of the sofa and his wife’s loving arms, he’d heard the noise downstairs as well as she. He didn’t want to admit it but he was worried. How could he not have been. Sirius or Remus would have let him know if they were coming. This, this had an ominous feel about it. Something bad. Not just the something bad you feel time and time again, like something’s a miss, this was one of those times you could feel in your bones. Brown eyes looked back once more towards Lily before he slowly crept down the flight of stairs. Long digits reaching for the wand always kept in his back pocket.

Brows of dark chocolate knitted together as the stair creak beneath him. Who ever was there would have been alerted to the sound. Cautiously he made his way until reaching the landing. A dark figure stood near the corner the front door open wide to the cold night air. Heart pounded in his chest, he didn’t need the lights to know who was standing there. Teeth gritted as he flicked the switch wand at the ready. Mouth was almost to dry to speak out, but James had always been able to find his voice. Now was none different then his days at Hogwarts.

“How did you find us!” he snapped.

The dark clad figure turned slowly, face half shadowed by the hood. The gleam in his eye was pure wicked, as the dark smirk pulled and contorted grim features.

“Foolish of you to think you could hide from me. Lets just say…a little ‘rat’ told me.”

Heart skipped a beat. Peter. How could he, he betrayed them. Then again deep down James had a feeling Peter was never really one of them. Not a true Marauder. Lucius had gotten to him over the years. Now he’d truly become a rat. Lips pursed thin as he stared before him, never once faltering in his step.

“Get out, or so help me..”
“No ones here to help you now!”

There was a crackle of magic in the air, form stumbled back against the wall. Chest aching, as the wind was knocked from him. With a grit of teeth he pushed forwards, his own spell fired at the flick of a wrist. The laughter that filled the living room was ungodly, Voldemort was hardly even phased by the attack. James could feel his dark beady eyes piercing through him. He knew it was a battle he wasn’t going to win, but god willing, he was going to fight his damnedest. James Potter wasn’t one to lie down and die. Always being one to stand up and fight for what he believed in. Always had, and always would.

The second blast held more force than the first. The sound of shattering glass echoed in the room as body crashed through the corner hutch, filled with memories of his friends, family and past. Swallowing he pushed himself up, a warm trickle of blood ran down against his cheek. James knew he was enjoying every minute of it, Voldemort had been planning this for sometime. To kill him quickly, no, that would be far to easy for a wizard of his caliber. But to torture and cause as much pain and suffering as he could, fed into his malice.

“When will you ever learn Potter? You can’t stop me. No one can!”

Left hand went up to grip his now broken wrist from the disarming spell. Still, brown eyes behind the small black wire glasses held determination. Moving quickly James moved to retrieve his wand. It wasn’t quick enough. Voldemort could have ended this at any time. His pride and vanity wouldn’t let him. A gurgled cry escaped his lips as he slammed into the back of the fireplace, covered in soot and ash, the sleeve of his sweater torn. A pain shooting through his ribs. He remembered that feeling. Like when a bludger hits you dead on. A broken rib if not two.

With all the commotion he couldn’t have expected Lily to just sit there. Squared jaw turned over his shoulder as she came rushing down the stairs.  Voldemort was distracted. Catching the look of fear in his wife’s eyes he moved. How he wished he could have told her everything would be all right. The distraction was enough time he needed to fetch his wand. Rolling across the debris covered living room floor he snatched it. Rising against the pain between the Dark Lord and his beloved.

“First I’m going to kill your wife. Then you. Then your precious son!”

James acted on impulse lunging towards the dark clad figure with all his might. Hand gripping tightly the wrist of the man threatening his family. The tip of his own wand placed to the hallow of his throat. He glanced back once more to his wife. It would be the last time he saw her alive. Eyes seemed to say ‘I love you’ as they pleaded with her to run. Gargled voice came out instead.

“Lily, take Harry and run! Go…Now!”

Lily gasped at her husband’s orders she didn’t want to leave him she couldn’t. They were both stubborn that way. The cries of their son from the other room, she knew she had to leave.  Green eyes brimmed with moisture as she turned away. Seeing James one last time push himself up, bruised and broken, from the ground as she locked the shut door behind her. The muffled sound of movement, before the dark empty voice of the Dark Lord shouting.

“Avada Kedavra!”

Her scream seemed to echo in her ears. James was gone. Lily felt part of herself die then. Heartached while head hung low. Their child held within her arms. A single tear rolling down her cheek onto their son’s hand. Tucking him into his crib she shielded him as the door blasted open. Turning she gripped her wand. James would have wanted her to stand tall, stand proud. She’d do it for him. She’d do it for their son. For Harry.

(The events written in this are fan based. The characters are copyrighted to J.K. Rowling, the author and creator of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. The written above is written out of my own creativity. Thank you. )
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