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Dimeshipping - Together we are strong by James-Li Dimeshipping - Together we are strong :iconjames-li:James-Li 23 5 As dawn broke by James-Li As dawn broke :iconjames-li:James-Li 9 3 Jinxshipping - Gladstone x Linda by James-Li Jinxshipping - Gladstone x Linda :iconjames-li:James-Li 10 13 De Spell family portrait by James-Li De Spell family portrait :iconjames-li:James-Li 12 13 Magica de Spell - Family and friends by James-Li Magica de Spell - Family and friends :iconjames-li:James-Li 33 14 Dimeshipping - Why so serious Scroogie with BG by James-Li Dimeshipping - Why so serious Scroogie with BG :iconjames-li:James-Li 20 11
I'll save you...
Scrooges quarrels with Magica where always more fun then actually threatening. She wanted his first dime, cause she believed, melted into an amulet it would make her the most rich and powerful witch on earth. Gaining her the Midas touch. He had no idea if that was true. But he wouldn’t part with it anyway. Also in Magica he had a powerful opponent, worth his time. Keeping his life exciting and his mind on alert.
In other words, he don’t wanted her to succeed and end their fight.
But this time, she was different. On many occaisons she brought some mystical artifact to help her. New spells, potions, wands, that kind of thing. But the large stuff with a huge gem at it’s end seemed different. Scrooge wasn’t sure how magic exactly worked. But the power of the stuff corrupted Magica and the starting eclipse seemed to strenghten it aswell.
The more she used it against him, the more her character and appearance changed. She grew, her feathers turned green, the power ema
:iconjames-li:James-Li 7 0
Magica de Spell - Here I am by James-Li Magica de Spell - Here I am :iconjames-li:James-Li 24 7
Let me show you...Ch3: The greatest Magic of all 2
After a day had passed without any message from her Scrooge started to worry. But Daisy and Donald convinced him, it was all fine. That she probably wanted to spent some last time at her own home and with her best friend.
Daisy had been delighted as she heared Magica was moving to Duckburg for good. For Donald it was the time to finaly gave up his suspiciouns and give his blessings to the couple. Anytime he wanted to say that they where moving real quick, he remembered that it was not the case. That they knew each other for many years, so he closed his beak again and was happy for his uncle.
But a second and even a third day passed. Now, nobody was able to calm Scrooge down anymore. His sorrowful thoughts run wild. From her just ditching him, to the worst case of her dead or in serious danger. He wished his detectives would still be up on Mt Vesuvius, but of course he dismissed them to save the money. Why didn't she have a phone? If he ever saw her again, it would be his first gift to
:iconjames-li:James-Li 3 1
Let me show you...Ch3: The greatest Magic of all 1
„You know, going on a treasure hunt with you really sounded like fun...I fear I have to redeem my opinion...“ Magica sounded just a little bit bugged about the whole situation.
What namely was her and Scrooge beeing tight up in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by natives that where not so pleased this two strangers tried to get their villages treasure. A miniature of a jaguar, made of pure gold with smaragds as eyes. „Aw, come on. What is a real adventure without beeing in a pinch once in a while?“ Scrooge anwered, still cheerfull despite beeing tied up and with his life in serious danger.
„I forgot I talk to the man, who also thinks beeing chased by a giant lurch is a good way to spent the day...You do realize though, that they are warded against dark magic. What makes my skills worthless at the moment?“ The witch hated beeing useless. „Normaly I go on excursions like that with my nephews, non of us ever had magic. So it's still status quo.&
:iconjames-li:James-Li 2 0
Dimeshipping - I missed you Scroogie by James-Li Dimeshipping - I missed you Scroogie :iconjames-li:James-Li 25 16 Magica - Night of the de Spells by James-Li Magica - Night of the de Spells :iconjames-li:James-Li 40 29 QuackerjackxMegavolt FF: An electrifying team by James-Li QuackerjackxMegavolt FF: An electrifying team :iconjames-li:James-Li 9 0 Finish each others Sandwiches by James-Li Finish each others Sandwiches :iconjames-li:James-Li 8 0 Dimeshipping - Sea witch by James-Li Dimeshipping - Sea witch :iconjames-li:James-Li 21 6 Duck Cousins Ginyu Force by James-Li Duck Cousins Ginyu Force :iconjames-li:James-Li 15 7


Scrooge and Magica sketches by pancheXD Scrooge and Magica sketches :iconpanchexd:pancheXD 16 0 So close by pancheXD So close :iconpanchexd:pancheXD 27 0 Ducktales: Pompeii by Technicolourebel Ducktales: Pompeii :icontechnicolourebel:Technicolourebel 64 14 Happily Married by DarkwingSnark Happily Married :icondarkwingsnark:DarkwingSnark 19 5 Tease by DarkwingSnark Tease :icondarkwingsnark:DarkwingSnark 27 6 HumanDisneyDoodles by FuckYouFolks HumanDisneyDoodles :iconfuckyoufolks:FuckYouFolks 572 33 Kicsterash com by kiki-kit Kicsterash com :iconkiki-kit:kiki-kit 175 17
100 Choices - 35. Hold My Hand
Hold My Hand.
Once upon a time, there were four kingdoms. Each had a king, who ruled over their own land in peace.
The King of Diamonds as a master of money, and spread a healthy economy through his kingdom.
The King of Hearts found strength through family and friends, and made sure his people found happiness.
The King of Spades ensured his people always had a good laugh, and that a day never passed without a good tease.
The King of Clovers delved in the mysteries of nature and beyond, and had his kingdom at their most powerful.
One day, however, the King of Clovers found himself greedy...he longed for more land, and became envious of what the other Kings owned. He started a war with these other kingdoms, but the three had teamed up, led by the king of Diamonds,, and easily defeated him. His people suffered for this, and he and his family became most hated.
Many years passed, and at least, a peace treaty among all the kingdoms was reached. It was celebrated with a grand masquerade...
:iconhypermegatailsfan:hypermegatailsfan 11 4
Magica De Spell by KneonT Magica De Spell :iconkneont:KneonT 98 7 Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck by CarlosMota Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck :iconcarlosmota:CarlosMota 331 18 Black Roses : Scrooge x Magica by TwinMice Black Roses : Scrooge x Magica :icontwinmice:TwinMice 28 40 Dimeshipping 3 by KatiraMoon Dimeshipping 3 :iconkatiramoon:KatiraMoon 81 13 Dance With Me by KatiraMoon Dance With Me :iconkatiramoon:KatiraMoon 106 16 Crossover: Sonic and Zootopia by AnaJGolden Crossover: Sonic and Zootopia :iconanajgolden:AnaJGolden 21 1 Cute rabbit and Smart fox together by oscar050 Cute rabbit and Smart fox together :iconoscar050:oscar050 56 21 Dimeshipping 2 by KatiraMoon Dimeshipping 2 :iconkatiramoon:KatiraMoon 92 18


As dawn broke

OMG look at this. Its neither Dimeshipping nor Gladstone this time O0O what happend to her?

Easy, this is my belated birthday present for @shewhowantsmouseears​ /^0^/

As I started to look for Dimeshipping on the internet, Her storys where one of the first I came ever across and still are among the very best! It gave me hope that there might be others and inspired me to provide content.

Also she is one of the very kind people who know how important some nice words can be. She always does her best to reblog and comment on other Artists works just to make them smile ♥. Makes her a fellow fighter against all the hate that is spread in fandoms and the internet as a whole.

As you sure know her OTP are Micky and Minnie, thus I wanted to draw her them ^^. Was my first time ever drawing mice ^^. It was a challenge!

The picture is a Fan Art for her “As Dawn broke” story

Referencec for what they look like in the story are from the amazing Artist Cici-chi. See them here:

Micky and Minnie

Thank you @shewhowantsmouseears​ for everything you do. For every word you wrote. Either as Fan Fiction or supporting comment. Know that you are loved and make me smile ^3^ ~ ♥
Jinxshipping - Gladstone x Linda

“Oh Gladstone! I heard what you where trying to do for me!”

No, this is no OC. It is Linda Paper

I already translated their first Story together here: “ Gladstone and inappropriate luck

The first story doesn’t end on a good term. She dislikes Lucky people, Gladstone lied that he is one of them, she found out…Both where not at their best behaviour…

And I did not read the second story yet. Still waiting that it arrives U.U But I don’t have high hopes for a happy end to be honest. Cause Duckverse Comics tent to have their characters back into their old habbits even after they changed it before ;___;.

Anyway, I still like them togehter ^^ ♥ they sure got potential!

This is a gift for @lindapaper the lonesome fighter for this ship. A really nice girl I found on twitter ^___^

We have named the ship: Jinxshipping

Buy this design in my Redbbble  shop
De Spell family portrait

Finally I managed to finish @viviane-lefay belated birthday present ^^.

Here you find Vivians orignal Art for them:……

Magica with her Parents Corvidus and Liliana. For the pose. I used a picture from the time Vivian said Magica was born as reference. But made Liliana stand aswell (in my reference the woman sat and the child was smaller sitting on her lap)

Both are OCs from Vivi. You can read more about them here. SHE invented the desing, I used them to make her a gift!:…

I love you very much my dear and hope you like your gift! I am SO glad I met you ♥♥♥.

Fellow german Dimeshipper at exactly my age ^^. It was meant to be I tell you!!!

Update: The Link to her designs didn't work before ;__;. I just drew them. NOT invented their design!!!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Disney songs, chinese music ^^
Favourite style of art: Anime, Disney, GorillaZ
Operating System: Windows 10
Favorite Actors: Richard Speight jr, Drew Berrymore, Cory Michael Smith
Favourite cartoon character: Chow, Pinkie Pie, Monkey Fist, Megavolt, Quackerjack, Beastboy, Raven, Magica de Spell, Scrooge McDuck, Gladstone Gander
Personal Quote: Universe just love to proof me wrong



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pancheXD Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi!!! thanks for the favs Hug 
James-Li Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Really cool. By Negaverse I always hav to think of the Dimeshipping storybit steamboat promisses wrote ^^ (although it hadnt much shipping). Where Magica was good and Scrooge pretty much like described on the picture.

I prefer normal verse but still ♥
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You still a fan of Jackie Chan Adventures?
Do you have anything you want to talk about on that series as well??

It's one of my old fandoms from my KidsWB and Jetix days..
James-Li Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I am still a fan but no tinto the fandom so much right now. My whole creativity goes to Duckverse. And for I have no OTP in this series (but an OC as you can see) The series was pretty much perfect. And, besides Jackie, all original characters. So I can not rage over any wrong interpretation or desing ^^
Healtyh Fandom JCA ♥
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I don't think very much about it lately.

SOMETIMES I do..and, the best Idea I ever had was a Ghost Rider crossover,
where Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance, was an old rival of Shendu.

And, something with Jade as the focus, but that is pretty much it.
Series hasn't been relevant in a LONG time.

Hmm..I don't mean to be picky, but. If your focus is strictly on the Duckverse,
then you might want to change your avatar to reflect your new focus.

BUT, that is up to you, of course. I am just making a suggestion.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
OKAY. You've waited, you have been patient with me.

But, after ELEVEN chapters, I have finally gotten to the part of my story
where the Magica that you know and love makes her appearance.

So, while there isn't much Dimeshipping in this chapter,
This is where the good stuff starts for you.

[Have a look.]

Also, I linked one of your artworks in the desciption
so readers can have visual aide while reading this.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You know, it's weird.

I searched for ScroogexMagica stories all over FanFictionNet,
and it seems you are primarily the main source of them all.

Guess that makes you the "Grandmaster" of Dimeshipping.
James-Li Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Its a pity but I AM ;____;. I even invented the name Dimeshipping. I listed the few storys of other writers in my Masterpost recently. Take al look. Its all we got ;__;…
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