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Today I created my last deviation. I decided that uploading things to this site isn't worth the effort, I don't get any comments or whatsoever anymore, so don't see any reason to stay here. Funny thing is that some people who create crap stuff do get comments which is hilarious to me.

Thanks go out to the 4 people who followed me especially skindral. Wish you all the best.
Hi again,

Haven't been active for like 7 years or something. After diving into the world of hacking and penetration testing I decided to do something different with my e-life. Nowadays I don't really like programming or vulnerability testing anymore and am more into 3D development. I still need to learn a lot as I'm creating an online game.

My sites are: - penetration testing cms written in PHP - environment where you can legally test your hacking skills - my old site that I don't really use anymore - still building this site

Feel free to contact me, I won't bite...usually. ;)