Spring, love, Gameboy! 3000 points pixel contest!

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[CLOSED] Winners here jamato-sun.deviantart.com/jour…
Heeeeeello everybody. You know what? I just LOVE pixels. But I'm not really good at drawing.
That's why I want to ask you, yes YOU - person staring at screen, to draw some for me.
Also I really like games. That is why this contest is pixelart contest.
Main theme of the contest is
Like this one
Or this one

What events\characters should you draw?
- A movie, a game, an anime, your OC. Whatever you like! Imagine Mass effect 3 on GB www.deviantart.com/art/Mass-Ef…! (already a bad idea, since I mentioned it here) :D
- It would be great to remember, you are drawing a game. They often have score or life meter. Make something cool.
- Once again: gameboy remake of something existing will have much more chances then some random 4-colored drawing
Look at this cool Dino Crisis gameboy mockup: badassbill.deviantart.com/art/…  It's a nice example of half of the entry.

What you should not draw
- Drawings, containing sprites or their obvious parts, which you've found (or stolen) somewhere. You may use your own old sprites.
- Games, which already exist on GB\DS\NES. Making original sprites for them will be kinda hard. But.. you can try actually. Just make them really different. Like first-person Megamen or something.
- You should not compress image in JPEG or something. Seriously -__-"   Use png please.
- Animations. Make everything static please.

What should your work have?
- It should have 4-color palette like the pictures above.
This image has two recommended palettes img62.imageshack.us/img62/9338…
- It has to be 320x144 pixels. Which is 2 gameboy 160x144 screens.
- It should have one gameplay moment and a title screen. TWO 160x144 pictures merged in ONE 320x144 picture. Ok?
You can also replace title screen with some really interesting sub-menu if you really want to. But... well.. not just a list of items. More like a minigame which is really title-related. For Mass Effect it would be... I dunno, a dialog with that funny ring?
- Link to original universe in description.

How do you win?
- You create a donation pool, so that everyone would see, that everything was fair and you got your reward if you had won.
- You post a link to your work during May 2013 in comments to this journal. If there will be many contestants, I will add all those works into a contest-fav folder.
- You wait until jury chooses collectively 3 works and checks if everything is all right with them.
- You win, if you are the Chosen One.
- You get reward right away during first few days of June. I have all the points already.

Also important
- You don't need to watch me or fav this journal. Because... why would you do that? 0_o It's not a popularity measure, it's a contest.
- You MAY spread a word, because contest needs at least 5 works to take place...
- You don't really need to fit gameboy game design criteria and hardware limitations. Just resolution and colors. But it would be great, if your entry looked like a real GB game.
- The  more recognizable and original is your use of someone's universe is - the better. Marvel comics, modern TV-series. Use imagination!

What do you win?
1st = 1500 :iconpointsplz:
2nd = 1000 :iconpointsplz:
3rd = 500 :iconpointsplz:

Easy as pie. If there will be two works of exactly the same level, jury has a right to split a prize in half. Also one man gets one prize but you can try and post up to 5 entries.
I've gathered ALL those points with llama trades, I don't have spare =\
:iconjamato-sun: :iconsolusnox: :icon08--n7r6-7984:

Just in case, reminder 1.
What is pixelart:
- Lines are neat, usually 1 pixel wide.
- Usually limited palette.
- No effects, like blur, are used on image.
- Dithering colors makes it look even better!
- You mostly work pixel-by-pixel or with line tool. Or with fill. You rarely use brush.

Reminder 2.
If you like the work - fav or comment! It will help us choose.
If you see stolen sprites - comment with links to originals! It will help not to choose an unfair person.

Accepted works: jamato-sun.deviantart.com/favo…
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Added link of winners list.