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rEFInd OSX Standard Theme 1.0

Salamun aleykum and Hello!

Since rEFInd is a system application it should look like a part of OS X! 

This theme provides you with the standard icons and buttons of the apple boot loader. Labels and Text have been excluded to make it look more clean and simplistic. 

How to install:

1) Download rEFIND from…
2) Install it, for more infos go to…
--> For OS X 10.10 users:…

3) Make a backup of your EFI folder
4) Download and extract the rEFIND OS X Standard Theme 1.0
5) Replace your EFI folder with the extracted Standard Theme 1.0 EFI folder
6) Reboot

7) Adjust the refind.conf file to your wishes

This theme is based on the theme of
© 2014 - 2021 jamaladdeen
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I know this is very very old but it is the only theme I found that I like. I am looking for an ubuntu icon but could not find one. Im not a fan of the penguin. Do you have something with the ubuntu icon? Thanks for this theme.

Hey, just read your message by chance. Sorry. No, unfortunately not.

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i like it, and ive download it, i made some modifications, because the old "icons" appear, only onfigs are respected. anyway i like to say thanks for this. 

this "bug" probably its because:

im on OSX Mavericks (10.9)
i had refit before

anyway i fix it and custom it! thanks
i have to thank :)
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Thanks jamaladdeen

I can't wait to give this a try! I was a Candy Bar user for a long time before they stopped supporting it; and a Stardock user on Windows before that. I'm glad to to find the possibility of a custom interface (or at least a boot manager tweak) for Yosemite.
I'll try this at the end of this term, wish me luck!

Kind regards 
thanks for the use of this theme and good luck;-)
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