i`m in EXPOSE 8? wow))

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I`m realy happy that my "The beast" piece was featured in Expose 8.
Book `ve just arrived yesterday and it is damn beautiful.

Don`t know why, but among all of my artworks, i love "The beast" at most)

here it is.

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Cool, Jama!
You are my favorite!)
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как классно, поздравляю!
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congrats :D The beast is a really great piece ;)
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дык странно, что только одна картинка. а так - давно пора уже )
поздравляю )
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Congrats! And I just saw your pictures in imagine fx with the comment from Andree Wallin - congrats for that too!
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поздравляю, Джама, ты заслужил это!
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I just bought it like 1 hour ago, and i saw it 30 min ago!Con grats! And a little funny that andree wallin commented on your good vs evil painting... i remember i said it look very Andre Wallin inspired! Con grats! You deserve it! Bless!
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Sorry... i was of course talking about Imagine FX! =)
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Wow congratulations! Your work is so good you deserve it!
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Congratz dude, you're really inspiring.
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felicitaciones... esto es lo que motiva a cada artista a continuar esforzandose, que la gente pueda apreciar tu trabajo y lo valore, si mejorando que asi yo lo hare tambien, desde chile un abrazo y no pares jamas....
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Expose 8...COngratulations maaaan))) we 'd like to see your works in the next publishing...
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You deserve your place among all those great digital artists. Next goal: 2 pieces in Exposé 9, and then the Cover for Exposé 10 ;)
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Поздравляю, мэн!
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Congrats mate! I've always loved that picture myself! :ahoy:
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Завидую тебе и говорю спасибо. Твои работы вдохновляют и мотивируют. Либо я достигну твоего уровня когда-нибудь, либо у меня отвалятся руки =)
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Fully deserved :) Congratulations! :)
Nren's avatar
thats really awesome. congrats :D
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Congrats on your success =)

All you hard work is pays off.
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здорово как ) поздравляю! =)
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Spasibo tebe booool`shoye))
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