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The base

I did this piece for Secret Agent contest...
we never used it, but i like it))

i started this one as a black`n`white sketch, so quite happy that some parts of the base look photorealistic.

Hope you like it
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I loved the way you emulated defocus, very nice!
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O.o if I didn't read the description, I would have thought this was from a lagit game. Good job! (^-^)b
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Rebel 1#: Here it is..The Citadel...
Rebel 2#: This is City 17? I thought it would be..More..Populated..
Rebel 1#: After that explosion Freeman made, the place is deserted. Let's go scavenge, see what we can find.
Rebel 2#: Ok-
*Both get shot by Combine Soldier*
This painting really has climat.. like i'm there, on top secret mission.
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Oh my gosh this is so cool! Odd that it reminds me of Artemis Fowl of all things...but I really love it! It's so realistic, looks great!
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This is really awesome - amazing job!
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Ally-the-Fox-20's avatar
When I first looked at it did I think it was a picture tacken by a camera.
It looks rele realistisk ^w^

_ _ _
Sorry for my bad english
THEJJRAT's avatar
I'm still wondering:
How da hell do people think this is "realistic"....
Ally-the-Fox-20's avatar
Yes i can give it to you that this type of place may not exist in real life, but the lights, shadows and the way that some of the buildings look real, all this helps to make someone "believe" it's a real place. Other than that it's a awesome piece of art that plays with the imagination.
still wondering?
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Moment I saw it, it looked like a sketch.
Ally-the-Fox-20's avatar
Good for you then :)
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You started this as a sketch!!????? :wow:
Well, it turned out amazing!!!
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It sorta looks like Tron Legacy
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:wow: that is amazing work on this pic, I really :love: it a lot!!!
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I'm loving the night vision goggles!
LovBlondGirlMuscled's avatar
You need to job in a movie concept
Arlioz's avatar
where did you get this photo?!?
Ba1223's avatar
he made it!!
Epic-Ninja-Chica's avatar
this was a SKETCH!?
that is freaking amazing.
YakoneWolf's avatar
Forget James Bond, I love *this* guy!! Awesome job:)
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This reminds me of perfect dark zero. Very cool. I like it. If you dont mind, can you tell me how you do it? I know your probably tired of responding to all these comments... :/
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