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Study 2

Another study.
This time after Vasiliy Rudnev

More studies and sketches on my facebook
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your work is too good mate
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Dude, this is unbelievably gorgeous! Great composition, and it blows my mind that this is digital, the markmaking especially in the snow at the bottom has so much beautiful variety. Great work!
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I thought it was a photo! Great technique!
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How much time do you spend on these?

You've got the atmosphere, mood and composition for this one spot on.
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on this one around 2-3 hours.

but if i had time i would spend more time on these studies.
It is more about learning here.
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This is amazing for just 2-3 hours.

When you paint like this, do you think palette/composition/value in that order, or have you had enough practice that you go in to autopilot?
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I think composition comes first, values second and the rest:)

Hope it helps.

I usually don`t rush, when i do studies..since it is all about understanding and learning.
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Thanks a lot for the reply man, that was great help.

Helps me to understand your painting better and also I now have a new method to experiment with :)
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Amazing work, awesome directions in the strokes!
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All that ground before the character creates an interesting perspective. It really feels as if one can look down upon the ground and forward toward the horizon.
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  question - is this in photoshop or corel painter? 
 brushes are delicious. 
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its all photoshop..

You can download my brushes from my gallery if you want:)
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Thank you sir for reply. 

  And that new viking image is delicious! 
 I looked around and could not find where to get the brushes. 

If u have time to link them for my convenience. If not then I will find time a bit later, want to to play with them. 

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thanks man, When I get to it I will link u things painted with them! 
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