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wow! i love it
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amazing mix of traditional look with digital freedom and popular theme
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Apparently a lot of people have the right stuff..   ;)  Nice image
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This is freaking awesome
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I like this so much <3
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This speaks to my soul D: *speechless
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every time I see this - it still captivates. dat contrast... u_u....
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Herzamanki gibi harika bir "quick sketch" :-)
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Great use of contrast, well done.
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I really enjoy this one :)
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this is awesome! 
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could be a scene from " Destination: Void" of Franck Herbert...

nice :D
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I like how the astronauts can be read as going either towards the spacecraft or from it

Very well done
You are right the upper bit looks like a spacecraft. Still, I actually think that it is rover of some kind, like in the movie "Armageddon". Just behind those ppl there are like two giant roundish wheels on either side and it seems to be also indicated that these are moving. I might be wrong, but I guess it doesn't really matter, because either way it looks just awesome. I fyou are keen for this kind of rough and space colony looks. Have a look for the homeworld franchise. The rovers kind of remind me of this one, too.

Great talent. Thanks for sharing this.
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How did u do that ?
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! MOAR!
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Good to see the Space industry thriving! ;) Nicely done.
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