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Another experiment on photoshop brushes

Will share them soon
Stay tuned
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Is this digital or a traditional sketch? That I can't tell says something about how good it is.
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That is gorgeous...
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Love the way you made the thing gigantic by only comparing a detail with the human. I always struggle to get things big enough, so I need to do this more often. I love this piece!
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I drool when I see this, is that even normal? do people who don't do art get the same feeling?
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Maybe not with an image like this, but for us the textures in the shadows, the grittiness of the line work contrasted with its precision and the powerful and simple composition is just too much. I'm drooling too. I'm just glad it's PS, because for a moment there I thought this was traditional media, which would have made me cry.  
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brush hype is real
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I am experiencing this right now...
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Me too, though I never like using someone else's brushes. So now I have to go and experiment on my own. I wonder if it isn't possible to get those delicious shadows just using a normal flat brush, but blending in a simple dusty texture afterwards. Maybe even over the entire drawing.
I want them so bad :D
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photoshop brushes? surely i'll keep an eye for them.
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I am really looking forward to trying your brushes. They seems really well done and simulate well ink, something that is VERY hard to achieve in photoshop at least.
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