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First night on Pandora

By jamajurabaev
Couldn`t stop myself from drawing after watching those awesome trailers from upcoming movie "Avatar".

Awesome universe,
i want to live there))
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oh yes, you're not the only one that want to live there ^^
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yay... avatar! yeah, same here... i had to do something every time i came from the cinema... ok, not quite yet your level, but it is really a big inspiration!
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So you Are the James Cameron of Digital Art. Whoope.
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When I firdst saw the movie I actually loved it
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you created a great mood here, i really like it!
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This is amazing! I wanted to live in Pandora as soon as I saw the movie. Earth is boring now. T_T
Awesome! *^_^*
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It reminds me a place from Final Fantasy X
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The movie...was awesome...
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Bring plenty of oxygen
it's relaxing.wonderful!

Ace Dryad
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I like the colors and lighting. The composition is very interesting and well done. All the little lights add a lot of atmosphere to the setting, too. :)

Some of the dark lines seem a bit too dark, around the middle of the picture. It just makes the style seem a bit closer to animation and a bit farther from realism than most of your work that I've seen.

It's still a very awesome picture, though. :)
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beautiful, mysterious and dreamy
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dude i really think u should enter this [link]
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you'd win 4 sure
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I love the sketchiness of this painting.
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Its quite glamorous in a way. :D
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almost reminds me of Okami
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thats hella sexy!
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nice man, great mood and composition.
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I almost giggled at the title, but really nice forms and linework here jama.
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