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Fire Temple

done for speedpainting group on facebook,
check it out.

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wow so beautiful work
Come back and do speed painting with us!
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I love it.......I've fallen in love with this beautiful.....
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Looks like Catlyn Stark.
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Your art is REAL art, dude Clap 
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Oh my god   I was just shocked!!Mother of god 
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Amazing use of light.
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Amazing lighting.  Great texture.  Phenomenal sketch
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wow, what brushes did you use?

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what software do you use?
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Interesting, it looks very real in the colors.
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Всего за 30 минут? Потрясающе! А никто случаем не заснял этот процесс?
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There's a lovely feeling in this, that is hard to pinpoint. It could be sad, peaceful, hopeful, thoughtful, lonely, crowded... So many things. And there's a texture to it that makes it seem as though it was made with paint rather than digitally which I adore. Speedpainting or not, I would hang it on my wall!
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awesome! just awesome :D

The group exploded in the last days, the works to be seen there are just mindblowingly good!
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How do you make something like this? I mean, do you give yourself a few minutes to figure out what you want or does an idea just pop in your head? Also, is this all done with one brush? AND HOW DO YOU FREAKING DO THIS IN ONLY 30 MINUTES?!?!?!!!
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It is about suggesting the details. I think it is something that comes with experience. I don`t have a solid idea when i do these.. stuff like out focus can make you like easier:)

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