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Dreamscape VII

Another one from "Dreamscape" project.
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I have had this as my login cover picture for several years now. Great job, I love looking at it. I must ask if you have a larger version since it is a bit smaller than 1920x1080. Regardless, I am going to keep this indefinitely or even replace it with some of your newer work that I have just discovered. Thank you for your hard work!
ok so basically, i found these images and pictures. And yes, i fell in love with them, and I’m a newb at this ok so take it easy on the me for the following question. How do you make these pictures? As in what app/website do you use to make it, is it just photoshop or after effects or something? Please tell as i want to do it badly :) Thank you <3
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Hi, i really aspire to paint like this, how did you do it? what techniques did you use and how did you learn them
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How do you the details and the small constructions??
I love it!
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lasso tool for sharp edges
amazing. keep up the amazement Jamshed.
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this is awesome! that's all i can say
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just awesome!
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Fantastically good!!
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LOVE IT - beautiful shapes and detail.
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Nice; Has an "EVE Online" look to it.
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Yeah, like it, light, details, compo, looks all great.
Can't we switch galleries ;-) Just Joking afcourse.
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I'm Fan of your work!
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Hi this has been featured in here [link]
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Amazing, I love it!
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Well, you are the boss in the space/structure drawing.
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This makes me want to play homeworld.
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Absoloutely spectacular.
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Wwhat you see isn't as fascinating as what you don't see. I think that applies here. The composition is stellar, and the fact that you don't see the whole ship helps get the brain juices flowing. It makes you think about what the whole ship looks like.
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