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Dreamscape I

I decided to do something for "Dreamscape" challenge on CGsociety.

I did enter some challenges there before, but everytime i couldn`t finish)

This time i feel quite confident that i can create something valuable.

This time i am in video category.
It will be a story of a guy who is in coma,

Just first concept, more will come)

Btw, lasso tool rules)
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Love it! You should make it a print! :)
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awesome! really nice :)
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woow, really nice!
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Very nice mate, love it.
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just K.Kotaki
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Beautiful lighting!
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Perfect lighting... and good "drawing lightly"
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The tones are great. I love the gentle wash of the tide hitting amongst those rocks off to the left. Dramatic and cumbersome rock formations.

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GREAT art !
awersome lightning
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I really love the sharp edges and the light on this one. Just a question, hope you don't mind !
When you're drawing a landscape, how do you choose the colors? Just by yourself or do you watch ref? There's a special atmosphere in this one...
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Thank you..

i mostly go for mood and colors from imagination...
but of course i did and still do study a lot of references to do things more realistic...

in this particular case, everything is from imagination!
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Yaaah this is sooothing view man!!! :chew:
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Yaaah this is sooothing view man!!! :chew:
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Haunting, love it!
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the boat simple shape really stands out, amazing ^^
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Excellent!!! Simple and awesome!
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this is incredible!
cant wait to see the rest of your concept.
how long did it take you?
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Amazing job on this! I really like the colors used and the overall effect c: It's very pretty.
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This is a great picture. What did you use to make it?
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