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Digital ink brushes

By jamajurabaev
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just as i promised. Posting my latest photoshop brushes that look pretty close to a traditional media.


Few ink brushes, pen, marker and etc.
Give it a go.

Let the force be with you:)

Old pack here

p.s. Bull was referenced from this beautiful drawing
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I love the brush strokes.
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I can see it colored up as the Red Bull from The Last Unicorn. It's very strong and bold. Good work!
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I love how simple is it but it's still very detailed. Very impressive
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Thanks for the amazing brushes! I incorporated your bull here: Hunting Ground
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Amazing! Brilliant Strokes!
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I love the dynamics of the pose and the strokes!
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Click here professional ink brushes set: gumroad.com/l/MIFIi 
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sweet, thanks!  Going to check these out tonight.
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Awesome!  Can't wait to try it!
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I always loves such confident strokes :) Thank u so much.
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Always the best painter I can ever seen.
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Amazing line work.  Great use of negative space.  An overall victory for photoshop brushes and bulls.
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Круто! )) Правда не все понимают что дело совсем не в кистях XD
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