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Another painting from me)
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perfectly beautiful.
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Ripped off by Brett Bash: [link]
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Just incredible! I really like the depth you've created .
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love the colors! Great work m8
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This painting takes my breath!
All of those light effects!
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very nice composition :D
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Any ways you can tell me how to improve this, please by all means tare it to shreds.

Im sure your a busy man though, i don't mean to bother you.
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Sorry, it seems i didn`t see your message.

Looked at you picture!

Generally it looks cool,
But try to place those bridges so that they lead the eye throught whole piece.
Another thing, you can brind more distance if you refine more the background,
right now it looks a bit flat!

Another thing is lasso tool, use it if your need refined shapes!

These are just my advices that can help you to improve))

if you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask!
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Thanks for the help and i have a few questions actually.

I don't believe i know what you mean by Leading the eye through the piece.

i have never used lasso tool, at least not in a long time, what is it used for particularly?
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Hi there,

leading the eye, means that your eyes doesn`t look to the painting in discrete manner, but follows the path,

you can ready about it in composition books!

Lasso is good for constructing sharp edge forms!
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Is that partly you giving your pictures that beautiful motion picture look to it, with the depth of the picture?
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Great composition, colors and light(s). Well done!
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Very good done! The colors are great!
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Beautiful ! I love the shapes and colors.
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nice work, I like the flow of light in this piece
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how do u get such great lighting? its soo sharp and smooth! its a really great image!! i just cant pull of that style :(
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