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Asteroid shore

By jamajurabaev
So this is the final image i`ve created for new tutorial for 2Dartist magazine,

I changed my mind several times while i was creating this.
But i hope you like it)

P.S. i`ve created many videos in the process, they are all going to be available when the article will be released.

Here they are:

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Asteroid shore
Hey Dude is it possible if you con work with me on a project I am making for my game. I plan to make a 2D animated Game that consists of some references from star wars and the Sonic Archive Comic series. I really and truly like your drawings of spaceships, colonys and battle scenes.  I want to improve and expand my ideas to some people like you and hopefully do a collaboration for my project. it will be sprite based for the characters and the scenery would be more or less like your drawings on your deviantart. 

Its ok if you say no but I just need some people aiding with my work and production but it would be much appreciated if you did.

anyway I hope you have a nice day and hope to receive back a message at anytime you can.

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Poetry is for the weak, this, this is power.
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It's amazing how much life and poetry you can put in mecha.
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I don't know if I can express quite how this picture makes me feel.

I love it. Totally love it.
Looking at it sends a shiver down my spine.
I have a deep yearning to be out there.
Thank you!

Do you have any higher resolutions of this and the similar ships?
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gorgeleous and clean! .. i love that one so much, the lightings in the ship are verry nice! .. keep it up!
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Very cool scene and craft
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The lighting in this (of the star, ship lights, and shadows) make this all the more real.
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Love your style: it reminds me of the old school scifi artworks that inspired me as a kid.
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Stunning shot. The perspective makes it look a bit close to the asteroids, but it seems quite safe in such a heavy duty ship!!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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One of the best sci-fi images I've seen yet. I absolutely love the blurring on the asteroids themselves and the lense flares, it looks like an action shot! :thumbsup:
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Now THAT is awesome.
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I've featured you and this on my page :D
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Wow excellent work :)

How did you make this lens flare, it's cool !!!
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Просто слов нет!!! КЛАСС!
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this is just....amazing. but personally i think it would be better without the asteroids
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would you be interested in selling this as a print..I'd deffinitely buy it!..Hope you will!
great work ! thx !
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This is amazing. The videos are really cool, too.
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Beautiful. Very well done.
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