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DasH v1.1.0
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By Jam3sn   |   Watch
Published: August 6, 2014
Dash is an easy to use System Monitor for your PC. Not only does it provide you with vital system data, but it provides it in an appealing manor, ideal for a minimal desktop. With our new settings pane, you can easily adjust and customize your DasH.

Whats new in v1.1?
  •     All new settings pane
  •     Easy color changes
  •     Custom Ping URL
  •     Updated icons (Change color with your Data Color Option)
  •     Improved Dynamic Features, fitting Windows Work Areas
  •     Code Clean up
  •     Minor Fixes

*Please note you must hit the enter key when entering a new value for it to save the change.*


To install, simply download by hitting the download button and launching the .rmskin which will display an install window. After you've installed, you can easily customize how the skin looks by clicking the settings button, next to the search bar at the bottom. This will launch a settings pane, from which you can adjust the colors and Ping URL

To change the Transparency of the meter, you simply add the level of opaque at the end of the RGB color code, e.g. 33,33,33,150 (Red, Green, Blue, Transparency - the transparency ranges from 0 which is completely transparent to 255).

You can follow me for updates on my twitter:

Developed by Jam3sn (Rainmeter & UI Design) & DomanoSV (LUA Scripting).
DasH by Jam3sn & DomanoSV is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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TrickShotLucario's avatar
TrickShotLucarioHobbyist General Artist
For some reason, every time I try to change the text color to black or something else, when I hit enter it doesn't apply the new color, but instead the text box just says Help?
F98's avatar
This is beautiful. I hope that you'll be able to release an updated hdd toggle control that works.
Shojimeguro's avatar
can you change network from graph to meter?
Silberschwarz's avatar
I was looking for a great Rainmeter skin that perfectly fits the style of Windows 10 and yours seem to be the best one concerning the design! Very modern and matching the up-to-date look of Win10!

I just wonder if I can ever find a combination of this design and the functions I want ;-) ... as yours is of course made for your preferences and everyone has own ones for the needed functions/meters etc.:

I love the upper part with the date/time and the loudspeaker control. What comes to my mind here is that it would be great to also include a mini player for "Groove Music" here with basic controls and maybe even the current cover and playlist for a bigger version.

I also love the CPU and RAM usage display, but I wish I could see absolute figures for RAM (used RAM, installed RAM).

What is missing, but what I really want is temps display of CPU, GPU and Mainboard.

I don´t care for the Internet info (have that in the taskbar with DU meter) and the Hard Disk meters, they could make place for the temps and the mini player for me ;)

Instead of the search field (hey, in Windows 10 it´s already in the taskbar ;-)) I would love to have the trash bin here, showing number of items and total size in the bin. A click on it should open the trash bin.

Oh, and like other people I would also love to see transparency for the background (same effect as the "Info-center" in Win 10, matching this look, including the blur)

I know this is maybe completely different from what you want to have for your skin, but I just wanted to tell my view here, cause I would really love to have a design like yours. I´d even pay for having the functions customized the way I want them, so if you are up for it, just leave me a message :)

Apart from that, is it possible to make it responsive for monitor resolutions? I would like to use it on the left side of my second monitor which has 1280x1024...
Richtoph3r's avatar
Hey man, the site that you use to get the External IP? It's security certificate expired a week ago and since chrome doesn't allow users to navigate to sites without a valid one, it's not showing in the UI. Just thought I'd comment.
Jam3sn's avatar
Jam3snHobbyist Interface Designer
Hey dude, it's been updated, secure again.
praetorelliot's avatar
praetorelliotHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Really Nice!
Phaberest's avatar
PhaberestHobbyist Photographer
Love it!
AidenDrew's avatar
AidenDrewHobbyist General Artist
Featured :
Rainmeter Skins 
LifeH2O's avatar
It is larger than 1440x900
Jam3sn's avatar
Jam3snHobbyist Interface Designer
Yes, designed for 1920x1080
keityrobins's avatar
keityrobinsStudent General Artist
really cool, thanks for this bro, but its too big for my desktop, the resolution is 1366x768 Waaaah!  only the part on the drive c: could fit :(
Joye90's avatar
Really cool and clean work !

One suggestion for me : could you add for upload and download their respective value ?
Fiftyniner's avatar
FiftyninerHobbyist Digital Artist
Really awesome! Some suggestions I have for features:
Double-click IPs to copy to clipboard
Clicking anywhere on the volume slider to set to that volume
Ability to choose between 12 and 24 hour time
Light theme/more color options
Easier way to set which drives are shown
Transparent background
Ability to toggle show/hide

Absolutely awesome skin and I'll be using it regardless, been wanting it ever since I saw it on Reddit a few weeks ago ^^
Jam3sn's avatar
Jam3snHobbyist Interface Designer
Ok, some of those we are adding, however, the colors are completely customization... you click the setting button and you can change the colors, transparency.
Fiftyniner's avatar
FiftyninerHobbyist Digital Artist
I know that you can change the colors, but right now if you try to make a light theme, since some of the colors change more than one thing, it creates conflict and doesn't look as good as it should. For example, one of the text colors also changes the color of the search bar and a few meters. If I want to make text black so that I can see it on a light theme, I also have to make the search bar black, which in my opinion looks pretty bad. Just a few more options like individual settings for the search bar, dividers, and meter backgrounds would be great to see.
ionstorm01's avatar
Very nice!  Thank you for your hard work!!
Jam3sn's avatar
Jam3snHobbyist Interface Designer
MatG-DK's avatar
Just what i was looking for.. Nice work :-)
Jam3sn's avatar
Jam3snHobbyist Interface Designer
doumer's avatar
nice work and easy color options - lovin it :)
JosephB2000's avatar
JosephB2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Skin looks great, but I have a problem.

I can't type in a different Drives, when I click the the E:/, a white square pops up, and then I cna't do anything unless I refresh or close the settings.

Also the drives on the main skin are C E G whilst the drives on the Settings are C E D... Is that meant to happen?
Jam3sn's avatar
Jam3snHobbyist Interface Designer
The drive selection and designation is something were currently improving upon at the moment, in fact my LUA guy (DomanoSV) is working on it as we speak. We want to allow the user to choose which drives to display, possibly even USB sticks if they wish and choose which drives to toggle (Forgot to remove the white toggle box :/ sorry). But I can assure you it's coming very soon!
LoveSicKWAR's avatar
Cant seem to disable the drives that are not in use. Other that that its awesome!
anonymous's avatar
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