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The Jam Gag: An Illustrated Guide



Just for fun, here's a sorta-tutorial for a particularly effective layered OTN gag Yui and I came up with. Please excuse my horrible graphic design. Also be warned, the full image is fucking gigantic.

The girl in the main sequence of illustrations originally appeared in a different pic in JID2. She's thus far still unnamed. Suggestions welcome, I guess? Also, if you just want to see the gal without all the wordswordswords, YOU CAN FIND HI-RES VERSIONS OF ALL THE VARIANTS HERE, along with a few extras. Futa variants here.

As for the character in the second "head tipped back" example, that's me on a day when the witch was feeling particularly fiendish. >__>; Don't piss her off, guys! The full pic is a bit freaky -- nothing that breaks DA rules, but the proportions are insane -- so I've been shy about finishing and posting it. Might upload it at some point once I've spruced it up a bit. If you want to see the WIP version, just note me.

Oh, and the two photos are stills from my second vid with Yui. If you like huge layered gags, make sure to check it out!
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also what kind of socks would u suggest