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God Tier Pumpkin by Jam-Kiske God Tier Pumpkin :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 1 0 Battle of One - Collab by Jam-Kiske Battle of One - Collab :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 9 10 Coloring: Dizzy as I-no by Jam-Kiske Coloring: Dizzy as I-no :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 6 9 Wallpaper: BlazBlue by Jam-Kiske Wallpaper: BlazBlue :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 13 3 Desktop: Bleach 353 Splash by Jam-Kiske Desktop: Bleach 353 Splash :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 7 7 Coloring: Crona, Chapter 60 by Jam-Kiske Coloring: Crona, Chapter 60 :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 29 16
The Final Choice
The Final Choice
(after CLAMP’s Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS [end of volume 20 & vol 21 I think?]
Curses can come about in many different ways and affect quite the variety of people. Even the most seemingly chipper of people can be inflicted with what one may liken to a terminal disease. For instance, that man you see each day, blonde and blue-eyed your typical airhead who seems to go through life without a negative thought might possess origins that boggle the mind. Indeed, if you were to take a look at this man’s birthplace, you would find that is far from your own.
The place I am referring to is a vast kingdom. At the time prior to the man’s birth, the land was a lush green complete with rolling meadows, valleys, mountains, and of course villages in which citizens lived, perfectly content over the leadership of the kingdom’s king and queen. One day the queen was finally to bear a child, an heir to the throne at last. As the end of her
:iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 0 0
Final Moments
Final Moments
(After CLAMP’s Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
I sat alone on a park bench, waiting for the sweet girl who had asked to meet me there. It had been a lovely day but, at this point, night was beginning to creep out. I couldn’t help but worry, seeing as Sakura was a young, innocent girl, and I wouldn’t want any danger to befall her due to her decision to sneak out and meet me at this time.
“Syaoran,” I heard her voice and was jolted out of my thoughts. She smiled sweetly as she approached me and sat beside me. “Sorry I took so long, Toya has been working extra hard to keep me from sneaking out lately.”
“That’s all right,” I did my best to return her smile, inwardly cursing her brother for distrusting me so much, though I’m sure I could never look anywhere near as perfect as her. “Though I don’t think you should stay out here too long Sakura, it’s going to be dark soon.”
“I suppose you’re right
:iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 1 0
Wallpaper: Stein and Spirit by Jam-Kiske Wallpaper: Stein and Spirit :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 10 3 Wallpaper: ByaRen by Jam-Kiske Wallpaper: ByaRen :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 5 0 Desktop: Fay by Jam-Kiske Desktop: Fay :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 0 0 Wallpaper: Fade to Black by Jam-Kiske Wallpaper: Fade to Black :iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 5 0
Things I Love
1 Bleach
Named with the simple wish
to compliment the color black,
it goes beyond that.
Painting death in a way that
arouses anticipation.
I am on the edge of my mind each week.
2 Code Geass
A protagonist who could
use a good beating
is always quite an attraction.
Offering statements
about humanity
and our ability to choose
is always unexpected.
3 Music
With its great variety
it fits into any situation
heightening suspense,
Yet it is most effective
when it comes from truth
and wishes to do more
than simply bring in a crowd.
4 Family and Friends
Always there for me
unless they're preoccupied
by their own problems.
Willing to deal with me
late at night
when I'm distraught.
5 A Boy
A feeling unlike any before,
both welcome yet frightening.
My thoughts stir to far off places,
causing me to live something
that was once only a dream.
:iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 0 0
The Wandering Swordsman
Have you seen the swordsman who
sits in silence by the river?
He wanders the land like a lion.
On sunny days he walks the streets,
On rainy evenings he seeks shelter.
His steady steps pound along
the busy roads. His voice is
never heard. When night begins to fall
he takes stock of his few belongings,
and heads off for some rest.
When his stomach is empty, he
draws out his thin wallet.
What does he care
if his sword draws attention?
What does it matter to him
if the government searches
him out? If you try to talk to him,
he'll only peer at you
from behind his red hair.
:iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 2 0
Time Marches On
You always embraced me,
wrapping your arms around tightly
upon impact.
You constantly surrounded me
causing me to give in
to your abundance.
Now I long for your return,
wishing to spend another long summer
curled up beside you.
You, at least, knew
just when to hang around.
I remember your soothing hand in mine.
Interesting, how you would always wait for me,
staying up long nights as I stared
at the computer screen.
Each year you appeared
less and less often,
always eager to be with me
as much as you could.
I last saw you
this past summer.
You marched off
with a stark rhythm.
Yet, it seems
that each year you return,
if only for a short while,
greeting me with
that same routine embrace
and kiss. Time,
we could be eternal lovers,
if only you'd stop
playing hard to get.
:iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 3 0
I am sleeping.
And the pale-faced man next door is sleeping.
And the man who will feel Cupid's arrow
when he bumps into a girl on the street
and the next president of the United States—
they are sleeping.
And the man who will be struck by a car tomorrow
and hit the hot concrete with a resounding crunch
and stare lifelessly at the cloud-covered sky—
he is sleeping.
And the man who will cause an explosion,
causalities numbering in the hundreds
though as yet his vengeance is still asleep,
and the man who will wake to a day of pencil
pushing behind his desk,
constantly shoving his hair away from his face,
and the man who after sunrise
will point the gun to his head without remorse—
they are all sleeping—
head on the pillow;
body under the soft, warm blanket;
mind lost in dreams and alarm clock set.
There is nothing of meaning there...
no clue as to what tomorrow holds.
We will wake up to the bright new day
where new experiences
intertwine us with unexplainable complexit
:iconjam-kiske:Jam-Kiske 2 0

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United States
Hey yo I do terrible art sometimes but mostly use this to stalk other people.

That's about it. I'm kind of mostly just a Homestuck now cuz that happened... yeah...
  • Listening to: Ripped CS music [no titles]
  • Reading: random shojo manga
  • Eating: last of the birthday pie
  • Drinking: coffee
Finally went through all the art that piled up... >>;

Also I responded to the few happy birthdays I got even though it was 10 days ago now... >>;

Inexpressible thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday!

I've yet to go through replies to comments and whatnot, I'm really slow, SORRY! D:

So I'm like somewhere around 4,700-ish views. So maybe I'll do a kiriban for 5,000? It'll probably be a while since I have no clue how it got so high anyway... but if someone catches 5,000 you can request...

- A certain song for me to sing [see for what I've done, I can do higher quality now]
- Fanfic/story/poem of any subject you choose
- Me to color any lineart you want
- Or a really shitty drawing of whatever you want [cuz I suck]

Whoever wins can choose from the above, cuz I can't think of much I don't suck at so... sorry... D:

Lastly A BLOG!
I decided to start a blog, but it's not your typical blog... I found my old diary while cleaning out my room, and I thought it would be interesting to post the old entries into a blog while writing new entries that will later end up on the blog. The idea seemed kind of interesting to me, so we'll see what happens. Thoughts on the idea? Is it stupid? >>;

Anyway it can be found here:
Only one entry for now... they'll be really short for a while since I was 8 when I wrote them... >>;

Thanks for being cool and always supporting me even though I suck at everything guys! >>;


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