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Mood = In Pain (Back hurts)
Listening = Ludacris - The Potion / Native Deen - Intentions
Reading = Comics on explodingwumpus.com by MrWumpus
Eating = Fish & Wafflies mmm

Announcement!: AC3 - Last Night on Earth
Hosted by:TazzyDee and KneelingGlory
The Challenge: Portray in whatever art form how you envision your last night on earth
To find out all the Details / Rules & Regulations please read the article link above (:
If you're interested spread the word!

Im feeling a bit more happy so I thought Id throw in a little colour (:
Driving Cars by nandiamond rainbow wool by nandiamond corazon de colores II by nandiamond

Update 2:
My heart feels like a tight ball. Its choked up. I want to cry but I cant.
something happened BUT now Im not crying anymore-ish. actually Itll be on and off. Its like I forget easily. Or try too hard to. I change my mood frequently. So ignore me people. Im just being a drama queen k?

also when I found the site as mentioned below I looked for similar style sites (I was pretty bored). Some were funny some were lame some were gross. Take your pick. They are the total opposite of GivesMeHope.com (more like <a href="www.fmylife.com>FMyLife.com) but in their own way they made me smile, laugh (and cringe).
Here they are with my ratings:
FWhyMe?.com *
ShameBears.com ***
ApologyCentre.com **
WowAwkward.tk ***
Jinxed.org ***
MyLifeIsAverage ****
MyLifeIsTheBomb.com *

Found a lovely site which was directed to me by JupiterLily on twitter. GivesMeHope.com does exactly what it says. The top GMH made me cry but in a good way. Its such a sweet site.
If you  feeling down this is the place to go :)
If your a natural born cynic then your place is in <a href="www.fmylife.com>FMyLife.com but Im betting even you might like the site.
Im mostly a cynic but this site lifted me up. Now I sound like Im high.

☎ a little feature. because I feel guilty not updating. ever,

and twitter is sometimes just one-sided. lol. But it has made me discover a lot of cool new sites out there that offer tutorials and resources...If youve been following my tweets you'll have noticed (:

anyway part of why I havent put up any photos/art or just commenting faving is because:
    a)no inspiration :( b)broken camera T_T (I fell down my very steep stairs while holding the camera. The lenses are jammed) It costs more to fix it that to buy a new one c)plain laziness d)deviantart. you scare me... I feel like I cant make any connections with people anymore...dont know why. Im even avoiding my real life friends. So Im sorry if I dont continue a convo, reply etc. I will most likely fave and run :D e)extreme overload of messages and deviations. I have over 2,000 devs to see still and over 4000 msgs .... not a good outlook and a very large part of why I avoid DA...Im a wimp

☂ I feel empty these days. And the days are running pretty slowly like honey dripping :|

Ive also (I think) had a fallout with my best friend. well the thing is Im an absolute idiot.

Do you ever wish you could rewire your brain? Maybe wonder what its like to be a cloud or a tree for a change?
Im so lost.

♥ anyways thats all I can ramble about. enjoy the feature! taken from my 'shadowsinthelight' collection.

Save Her by GreatLash :thumb89141212: Noumeno by Blekotakra
catwalk by EbruSidar :thumb115489154: The Forest by CasheeFoo
- show me your face - by FreeMelAncholy self pinhole by ayazdede rainy days by RidiculousDream
:thumb124916893: :thumb82018917: :thumb114309623:
six feet under by ultramaryna :thumb119087452: :thumb113465829:
:thumb51724376: :thumb119643149:
The sequence by janati the creature: I by orbatid renkli yagmur by sounddoors
Film by MarinaCoric Stalk 1 by Justynka after dark iv by Pretty-As-A-Picture

x take care everyone x

my journal css seems to have gotten messed up...so Im using ClaireJones's simple&clean
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I didn't see your music request. so I post here:P

Let me know if these links work for you!

I know she has personal issues, but she's a fantastic talent.

Another one.

I love her:iconbucktooothplz:

Nice and chill.

I like this one, it has attitude.

I just started listening to them. I like'em.

They have a bunch of songs I like, but overall I do not
like their albums.

Nice and freaky!


Always good!

This guy is okay, I think he's a one-hit wonder.

More chill music.

Slap slap! It's like it's from the 70s girl fight movies.