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Hibi Chouchou

By jalonzo1610
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I can't get over how cute this series is! Seriously, if you want a series that will turn you into a pool of mush from all the fluff, this is your series! Cx
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Awesome work, i love it :3
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La la la la La la la la OMFG. THIS. La la la la La la la la 
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How do you color like that D:? its so good ! I've got Photoshop CS5 & CS6 but I don't know how to color Mangas like that. Are you self taught with coloring that way ? Its awesome!
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First, thank you C: I used to use some really old Microsoft software that isn't even made anymore u_u; anyways, I would see other people's coloring and tried my best to copy her style like every beginner does, but since everyone had PS their tutorials didn't help me so I just started to mess around with what I had and developed the way I color now. Over time, I had to get a new computer, and it didn't have the program any more so I tried out the trial of PS and let me just say it's the difference between trying to color perfectly in the lines with crayons vs color pencils. Currently I use PS CS6, honestly it all comes down to the "polygonal lasso tool" I've thought about doing a tutorial of my own but my style is so weird because it's not PS based so I just never do it.
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i love this anime its amazing!!!!!!! Did you draw this?????
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I WISH! I can doodle stick figures if I try hard enough though. I consider my self a colorist, I don't draw just add color the what already is C:
If you like the art though, I highly suggest you go check out the manga!
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well, it still looks awesome !!
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I'll have to check this out, looks cute. Great coloring! :D
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