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HANDLER REF - Kierohanta by Jalohauki HANDLER REF - Kierohanta :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 16 0 [KDA/Kukuri crossover] KYYN/HARHA by Jalohauki [KDA/Kukuri crossover] KYYN/HARHA :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 37 2 ...and start of the relationship (2/2) by Jalohauki ...and start of the relationship (2/2) :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 31 7 End of the friendship... (1/2) by Jalohauki End of the friendship... (1/2) :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 30 0 Summary of Art 2018 by Jalohauki Summary of Art 2018 :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 13 0
[Enamored] The Slow Morning
The weather had been quite unstable the whole morning. Karhunkarva watched the grey sky and felt something oppressing in the distance, and the centaur pinned her ears back while stepping down from the porch. She picked up a waterbucket and filled it, while listening faint sounds coming from the barn where her kukuris usually slept. She carried the big bucket across the yard and pushed door open with her shoulder, peeking carefully in. In a dim light inside she was able to see multiple kukuris minding their own business, couple sleeping tangled together and protecting something piled between their warm bodies. The whole barn was heating up when furred animals tried to keep their offsprings safe. It was breeding season once more.
                         Karhunkarva stepped in and closed the door quickly, when she was greeted with multiple small noises. Small creatures circled her legs, trying to see what she was carrying a
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 6 1
[Traveling] The Black Pearls
The sea was glimmering brightly under the morning sun. The horizon was clear and white and only the sound of waves was mixing up with the calls of seagulls, creating perfect harmony. Water rushing against smooth rocks crowning the shores was inviting, foaming slightly on its way to land. Kyynsointu was standing besides the rocks, watching down to the surface that was too restless to form a mirror for her. She breathed in the sea breeze, tasting salt in her mouth and closing her eyes for a moment. Wide smile grew on her face, revealing a row of deadly, triangle-shaped shark teeth and she looked back to the water. Today was the perfect day for treasure hunting!
Returning back to the beach-side bar, Kyynsointu noticed Vainoharha laying down on cracked wall separating a way up to town from the beach. As soon as the mermaid stepped on the tiled floor, the kukuri opened her venom-green eyes and lifted her head, ears perked like always. She let out a slight growl when Kyynsointu brought her h
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 5 2
YOUR KUKURI AND HANDLER HERE - ych by Jalohauki YOUR KUKURI AND HANDLER HERE - ych :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 8 1 Kukuri sketch dump by Jalohauki Kukuri sketch dump :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 18 1 Tanssii kuin John Travolta by Jalohauki Tanssii kuin John Travolta :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 28 3 Do you have muscles under that fur? [enamored] by Jalohauki Do you have muscles under that fur? [enamored] :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 15 2 The gentlekukuri [enamored] by Jalohauki The gentlekukuri [enamored] :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 18 3 Pirate scumbag [nsfw] by Jalohauki
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Pirate scumbag [nsfw] :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 9 0
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Which character bio I should add next? Who is the kukuri/handler you want to learn to know in 

4 deviants said Comment down below to give me hint what I should write next!
2 deviants said Even most meaningless-looking question is important!
No deviants said I also want to request questions you might want to me give answer for. What you want to know about the character you vote?

Carnival of Life collab list a ka RÄHINÄREKOOSI

Week 1
~ Peurankasvo
~ seepranne

Week 2
~ EscapingValhalla
~ ??

Week 3
~ GryAdventures
~ KebabPekonirulla

Week 4
~ ??
~ ??



Hehoo! I've reached the point that after 111 kukuri imports I'm running out of ideas for designs :'3 Especially with kukuris which have genes I already own plenty. I'm looking for different points of views from kukuri community and ask peeps to design me new fluffy raptors, hopefully helping me to keep them ~

I'm looking for inspirational, high-quality designs for my perfect babies. I have no specific requirements for certain genos, only that they would look little different from my loaf.

As a compensation for the trouble, I'm offering slots to my trained kukuris who have slots left! I'm not sure what is exactly the most fair thing to do, but for now I'd say I'll give slot to you if I end up using the design, or most of it. I keep the right to modify the designs however I see fit, but credit is given to original designers~ I require PSD file from the design. I can't quarantee I use the designs made, so I hope you don't get too upset if I end up going with someone else ´A`

You can pick which geno you want to design, however slot from that design is affected how common the markings are in my loaf (I'll be picky with outcome) versus how much effort you have to use to make it (more effort results can result more rare slots). You can always pick from lower tiers but not from highers.

My trained kukuris with slots left


Riekko 186 by Kuku-ri Hunaja 237 by Kuku-ri Kastanja 326 by Kuku-ri Kinuski 547 by Kuku-ri Rastas 516 by Kuku-ri Ruska 650 by Kuku-ri Vilu 2945 by Kuku-ri Kaamos 247 by Kuku-ri Sarastus 317 by Kuku-ri Raatotanssija 474 by Kuku-ri Roihu 517 by Kuku-ri


Sahrami 082 by Kuku-ri Vainoharha 460 by Kuku-ri Synti 485 by Kuku-ri Salvia 575 by Kuku-ri Tuhka 1995 by Kuku-ri

Genos that need designing

Tier 1

Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Hazel with Blanket, Shadow and Socks
Tuft Ears, Kirin Horn
Fuzzy Tail
Diurnal, Omnivore

Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Smoked Pearl with Underbelly and Siamese
Floppy Ears, Ram Horns
Nocturnal, Carnivore
+1 SPD

Tier 2

Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Smoked Amber with Underbelly, Dun, Dalmatian and Panda
Floppy Ears, Devil Horns
Diurnal, Omnivore

Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Hooded Hazel with Socks and Dalmatian
Regular ears, Deer horns
Fuzzy tail, Muffed ruffle
Diurnal, Carnivore
DEF -1

Karhunkarva & Riekko

Made by Unikeko :heart:

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