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Newap freebie web template

This is another freebie template, you can use it for personal or commercial project. I am here if you have any questions :).

This is under Creative Common Licence (c) Allowed for commercial use and modifications | Used free photography from [link] | Created by Jakub Spitzer
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nice.. you're great. thanks for this.. I'm gonna use it :)
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Nice design and good job with Aller! Agree with others about the header. Still a good work! :)
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Thanks, I like Aller font so much :). About header, so it´s a one of many choices.
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Muchas Gracious :highfive:
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Very nice. But that header and menu is little unusual. And that tablet is little big for me. That menu could be at he bottom of header, the headline for section(Proudly designed...) and tahat tablet above it. But still very nice...
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Thanks for feedback. Of corse it can be done many ways but my firts tought was put iPad on this place, unusual but different :)
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I write it only because if the menu is so far form the contnet its little umpractical. Users must roll up to menu if want to change the section... Users don´t like it.
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I understand :). So I think it´s about user to user. But this issue can be resolved with a simple arrow (scroll up).
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maybe u should play with the header a bit more, with something cleaner or more simple, so it does not over power the content, but i like cool
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thanks for feedback :)
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So friendly interface
So simple
So usefull
So stylish

Greate work mate !!
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Thank you so much !
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Nice work, thanks for sharing!
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Thank you! No problem :)
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