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Daily Dwarf Characters - Skutters

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love the british sci-fi television show Red Dwarf. So much so, that I’ve decided to do a little side project in celebration of the long-awaited tenth season airing later this year. This is but part of what will eventually be a large poster of the many characters and creatures from the 8 seasons. Once I get all the characters drawn out and colored, I intend to post the finished poster on Etsy for your purchasing pleasure. Until then, I thought I’d share each character one by one in a new daily special I like to call - Daily Dwarf Characters. Today’s entry is a pair of Skutters, the robotic maintenence droids aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Besides maintaining the ship they also love John Wayne and his movies.
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yay lineart!!!!!! means i get to have a coloring page!!!!! for plane trips

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You tell them, "Keep an eye on that lamb." And they do. They just sit there for hours and watch it burn.

Like how you've depicted them.:thumbsup:
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Thanks, looking forward to the new season :)
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The Trouble With Skutters

Alternative Star Trek Universe Here I Come

Be Seeing You
Currently Bored
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Oh, one day I shall recieve my letters from the John Wayne fanclub. XD