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OMG SO COOL how did u make that?
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I love how you made the jacket. I have a similar one but I just used a regular black jacket and stitched on the flames
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:rofl: If I had that on my facebook page people would seriously be doing a wtf but sometimes there are those on there especially my cousin I should seriously just DO IT :lmao: Curious..your flames on your coat...are they glued, painted? Sewed?
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Actually my friend Katie made them , If I'm correct she used a light coating of fabric paint
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Just fabric paint. Outlined the flames with a white gel pen and wiped the white off after the paint dried. I don't know how well they'll stay flames and not rub off until he wears the jacket for a few hours.
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hmmm I'll have to try the other idea I have cause I got a jacket that is epic looking lolz. Using I think its acrylic paint ;)
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If you want to insult him, I made the jacket and shirt.

But I don't really care, you can get fucked.

Seeing as you just made your account today, you're probably some 9gag troll. Go back to your shitty "le funny maymays".
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Whoa don't mess with the Reddit Rough Riders ! Their Fedora Ok Cupid squad will get us .
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IamLiggims you make an outstanding assumption , though I would ask you how to not look like shit , but sadly I remember you have no talent and are probably a waste of life. Oh man to think out of all the millions of sperm that came out of your dad you were the one that made it . XD
Oh man if you're trying to be a bully you really failed at it.
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did you purposely try to make yourself look shit or was it by accident
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