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RWBY: The Cursed Twilight, Chapter 3

Chapter 3:
I'm Your Friend, And You Can Be My New Friend
Ruby woke up to a brand new day. The light was shining through her hotel window. This was the first time she woke up in a different Kingdom without her friends or family by her side. She stretched her arms and groaned. She had a new pair of pajamas, a cat with a smiley face and plaid pants. She heard a knock on her door. She was curious as to who it was, but she didn't care as long as she wasn't in trouble.
Still in her pajamas, she opened the door. "Yeah..." She asked in her Night Owl voice. Drago stood there, kind of nervous. "Hey Ruby." Okay, she took it back. She did care, she cared a lot that Drago was there. "Uhh... hello, Drago. Is there something you need me for?"
"Um not really, I just... I was wondering if you'd like to have me-- have breakfast with me."
Ruby blushed as a cute twenty year old man was asking her out on a... on a...
"I-- I mean if it's too weird it wouldn't be a date o
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RWBY: The Cursed Twilight, Chapter 2

Chapter 2:
Ruby Makes New Friends
Her eyes awoke to the bright sunlight. She had fallen asleep in the boat last night, curled into a ball. She sat back up and saw that the boat was still moving by itself in a straight path. She was being taken towards a group of trees, which meant land. There was a little house on the beach.
The boat pulled in on the beach. Ruby didn't know how it did all this by itself, but she didn't complain either as she stepped out and stretched her arms. She wanted to take another look at the boat that brought her here, but when she looked back at it, the boat headed back underwater. She widened her eyes. "Wha--Hey!"
"Pardon me, Miss, but they're suppose to do that." She turned and saw an old Goat Faunus sailor. He pulled out his umbrella to block out the sun. He made a friendly smile at her as he stroked his seaworthy beard. "These boats are programmed to appear to anyone who needs to arrive to these islands or leav
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RWBY: The Cursed Twilight, Chapter 1

Chapter 1:
The Rose Under The Hood
It was almost 10 pm, but little six year old Ruby didn't care. The letters she and her big sister Yang Xiao Long, were sent from their uncle Qrow were much more important. Reading under her sheets with a flashlight, Ruby couldn't put them down. She scanned through the words as if she were a computer processing lots of information very quickly. Wanting to re-experience it, she started from the beginning and slowed down her reading, getting much more into it than last time due to the more fun, way to engage with the words.
A pillow was thrown at her. "Hey.' She cried out. She pulled off the covers and looked at the culprit, Yang, who was laying in a bed across from her's.
"Go to bed, I'm tired."
"But I can't, Yang." Ruby cried out with eagerness, but quiet enough as to not wake up her mother and father. 
"Read them tomorrow. I want to know what they say, too, so stop looking at them without me." She pulled the b
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Movie Night by jakstheGiganotosaur Movie Night :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 0 0 RWBY: The Cursed Twilight (Fanfic Poster) by jakstheGiganotosaur RWBY: The Cursed Twilight (Fanfic Poster) :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 16 3 My first time cooking Ramen by jakstheGiganotosaur My first time cooking Ramen :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 0 0 Dinosaur Ghost Pirate Island x3  by jakstheGiganotosaur Dinosaur Ghost Pirate Island x3 :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 0 0 My Devilish Hyena Girl by jakstheGiganotosaur My Devilish Hyena Girl :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 0 0 IT/Pennywise costume my ver. 4 by jakstheGiganotosaur IT/Pennywise costume my ver. 4 :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 1 0 IT/Pennywise costume my ver. 3 by jakstheGiganotosaur IT/Pennywise costume my ver. 3 :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 1 0 IT/Pennywise costume my ver. 2 by jakstheGiganotosaur IT/Pennywise costume my ver. 2 :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 1 0 IT/Pennywise my ver. 1 by jakstheGiganotosaur IT/Pennywise my ver. 1 :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 1 0
A Cold Hearted God: Chapter 1

Travelling the world. It was my dream, and my older brother’s as well.
It was the summer of 1920, the biggest and most important one of my life. I had just graduated from High School that year and was planning to attend College by the end of the season. My brother was 21 and could have gone if he wanted to, but we both planned to attend together when we were able to.
We saved up as much as we could over the course of a few months, but unfortunately....
“It's not enough?” I asked my brother, Bruce, as we were heading into town. New York was a bit more lively since the War ended. I hoped it was true when they said that it was actually going to end all wars. The country was also gossiping about a possible 19th Amendment.
Bruce sighed. “I'm afraid so. The damages done to the house have sucked our savings as much as it did to our parents’.”
“Oh yeah.” We had a leak in our h
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Veronica Halloween Themed by jakstheGiganotosaur Veronica Halloween Themed :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 2 0
The Broken Republic: A Blaze The Cat Story, pt 1
I am Blaze the Cat. But please, just call me Blaze. I am a Princess in my dimension. I am also guardian of the sacred relics that have the power to shape our world. I occasionally fight alongside a blue Hedgehog by the name of Sonic and all of his friends, who are from another. I do not always travel to their world in their times of need, as I have to protect my own.  My enemy, Eggman Nega, has time and again attempted to control this world's very existence with these relics. I thought he posed the greatest threat to us. But unfortunately, I was wrong…
Chapter 1: Welcome To The Real World
She took a deep breath as she slowly puts her hand on the door. She hated doing this. The last thing she was is a people person. She shook her head at the thought of any possibility changing that. She positioned herself upright and pushed the door open.
Princess Blaze entered the room and joined the Kingdom’s council. They bowed respectively. She took her seat, as did the council.
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White Haired Angel Poster by jakstheGiganotosaur White Haired Angel Poster :iconjaksthegiganotosaur:jakstheGiganotosaur 0 0


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm mostly a writer/film director, but I like trying new things. I'm not an artist, but I do draw on occasion.

Favorite Bands
-Julien K
-Powerman 5000
-Owl City
-Crush 40
-Bon Jovi
-Anime Covers

Favorite Anime
-Fairy Tail
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-RWBY (It may not be a traditional Anime, but it has potential)
My list is still growing.

Favorite Movies Ever
-The Lion King
-Jurassic Park

Favorite Video Games
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Freedom Planet

Some things about me:
I make movies. I have my own production company that makes original movies. I'm also LDS, or more commonly known as Mormon. I'm passionate about my religion. I try to promote happiness and goodwill to all. However, I do have anxiety and depression, but that doesn't stop me! I also have Autism, which I try to turn into a strength because it is. I am always up for making new friends, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I should let you know, profanity is not tolerated on my page. Use it and I will block you.

Thanks a lot for visiting my page. If you like something you see go ahead and drop a fave or watch, whatever floats your boat. Have an awesome day!

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My Brother

My Friends
You guys are awesome :')
:iconmalikome: :iconanysketches: :iconjacobdsart: :iconkonanbases2: :iconjenlioness: :iconcoffee-karin: :iconladyofanthrazil: :iconlil-cinni-bun:
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If I forgot you let me know. x)

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