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This is why I REALLY shouldn't do something for an extended period of time. I have a chance to dream about it, or it might just affect my dreams. Any ways, I dreamed about Halo! Yes, Halo. It was REALLY REALLY strange. Because I dreamed it in the view of 3rd persons. I got to watch ships land, and take off, carrying good troops, and bad troops. And at the end some marines had invaded an enemy base, only one of the marines had a shotgun to his head at the end. A few of my friends had come and pounded on the door so it shook it up and made the shotgun fire. That's about when I woke up.
OH! And I have a new chat I am trying to run... Knowing it's going to die... It's called, Pokertab. I couldn't think of anything else and all of my other ideas were either locked away or taken. Any ways... Moo...
Fear me and mien awesome tail of awesome..
Go on. Fear me.
You're not fearing me...
I feel like Hitler- I should stop there...

Stop reading.
I really really want you to stop reading.
Go on, go away.
You're still reading...
That was a waste of time.
Go away.
I'll start singing...
I'll do it.
I'm not afraid to...
FINE! You made me do it.
HONEY, OH(Voice falling apart...) HOW I LOVE YOU SSS-OFT HAIR AND SWEE-T *cough* EYES...
Meh. That did not work...
Go away. *Swat swat.*
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I had a dream, where I was hosting a furry convention. Of course, it took place in AK. It went on in the middle of a few places I remember. Just from the looks of things. Everything was decorated with welcome signs, and the lights were dimmed a little in areas to fit the raving scene that was going on. Food and drinks were served almost every where. People were in fursuits, and not in fursuits, every one was walking around and laughing and telling stories. It was by far the happiest thin I had ever seen, because every one was happy and having the times of their fuzzy lives. For some reason there was part few machine based carnival rides out the back of the con. A few people were there riding the rides and laughing and telling stories. The inside of the con was everything I had dreamed a good party would look like. Some people were wearing tails, while other were wearing full suits. All of us had gathered up for the group photo, and it went off with out a hitch. It was amazing getting to see my own picture, and picture of hundreds of thousands of other furries in my own dream.  Some of us posed, some of us stood happily. We all had smiles on our faces. The day light had eventually faded and the good day had come to end. The only sad part is that every one had to leave because it was the last day I could host the convention. And the sun was going down on the best dream ever. But it was nice because I got to say goodbye to every one who had came to my con. Even then we all had big smiles. Giving every last member a hug as they left. And of course, it's a dream, no need to clean up after all the attendants. We shuttled every one home or back to the airport or even back to their hotels. And the end of a good day finally came. I sat in the main hall of the con and looked out the window at the mountains and at the sun beaming back down on me in all of it's orange and pink glory. And it was over. I woke up with the sun in my face, fresh and crisp as it was only 2:20 or so when I woke up. And I thought about my dream and I just smiled, I smiled until it hurt as I finished thinking. I knew it was a once in a life time dream. And for once, I was truly happy with my self. And I flopped back down into my bed, and tried to go back to sleep.

True story.
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I went to an actual party for once... It was fun, only because I actually knew some people and could fill my empty belly and not feel like a complete douche doing so. Only problem is I had to come back home to the ever growing need to do nothing. My joints finally loosened up just at the end of the party and we had to leave. But we did have balloons and musics, and games. It lasted about two hours. Not much to say as not much happened in two hours... Other than my friends wrestled each other while I watched, we played games, while I watched... We listened to music, while I watched them be weirdos... ... .-. I didn't really do anything other than sit and enjoy my self...

In other news, I have finally re-booted all of TNS chapter three. I feel chapter three will be more filler to keep the reader's questions rolling about what the fawk I am doing writing about that...
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Flailing... Flailing... I MEAN... Soon. TNS chapter three re-write will be soon... < u > I still need loads of not existing support from mien pals to re write it and get it done. All I need is a few "You can do it."s. And an high five. ;w; That is all I beg of. And when I request help, I need it...
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Last night, after vomiting my guts out and cleaning my self up, I went back to bed, only to be stuck clearing my throat until it hurt because guess what! I'm sick. Any ways, my dream started out with a scientist pondering what we, as humans can do with our world, and multiple other dimensions. He comes up with an way  for humans to unlock the second plane of our brains. The visual dimensions. What his testing would do, is open up the mind to conceptual things, things like "There is,  and always will be more than one way to access another visual plane." And by this, he was allowed to enter and exit between our visual plane, and a second visual plane. Of course, with this he HAD to make it more bombastic. By filling his brain with more ideas after becoming insanely popular for his grand and almost godly achievement. He concurred that if he were able to unlock the third part of the brain, he would be able to make the wildest things happen. With his new ability to enter and exit any visual plane at any time, he found that it was quite easy to unlock the next and probably most confusing to understand part of the brain. The visual, and physical understandings. If he could alter the visual and physical planes, he would almost be a god.
And he did. He learned that with enough practice, and huge amounts of time and money, he had unlocked a sort of free world where people can enter and exit at any time, and with their new abilities, they could draw, erase,  enlarge, destroy, build and create anything they could imagine, just with a swing of their hand. Of course, this is where the physics come in. The scientist had become so engulfed in his plans to perfect his 'genius' work, and almost did. But it failed by having too little money, and the continuation of the testing even after the F.B.I. shut it down for public safety reasons. Although, there was almost nothing wrong or dangerous about entering a second, third, or even fourth visual plane. But working the still very dulled down human brain so hard had dramatic effects. Such as, seizures, midlife problems, muscle spasms, passing in and out of consciousness, etc. He was never arrested. Time had dealt his punishment, by trapping him in a visual plane, where he would have to live out the rest of his life. Building a city for him self to live in, forever alone, never hearing another soul speak to him for billions and billions of years, even after the world implodes, or our sun goes super nova, he would still be trapped in that dimension.

Now remember, this was not a story. I literally dreamed this.
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