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Updated: Feb 2020

Commissions Types/Rates: (Please read my rules!)
For this document, The Artist refers to Jakkal.

All rates are in USD per character/entity drawn.  The Artist does not give PSDs of work. Sketches may be requested at the completion of the work. The Artist does not do sketch approvals for any of their work.

All commissions are digital and start at 1200px x 900px (width or height interchangeable depending on subject) at 300 DPI, unless otherwise stated. Sometimes the Artist will increase the size of the commissions slightly to fit the subject.

The Artist will send an invoice via Paypal for the commission. Payment must be made in full before the slot is assigned or work begins.

-One-shot Digital sketch commissions: Base Prices: $35 Lineart Only/$55 Flat Colors Only/$65 Color and shading - No Feedback Commissions. You tell the Artist what you want, and the Artist will draw it without approval of sketches. You will get your drawing within two days of your commission slot date.

-One-shot 6  Stage TF Digital Lineart - Base Price: $50 Six Stage TF Headshots, Hand shots, Foot shots, Wing shots, or a part of the body you would like for me to focus on for the entire 6 images.  Only one part will be shown (For example, one hand, not both).  Coloring: $10 per stage for Shaded/Colored. $8 per stage for Flat Colors.

-Digital Livestream Commissions: $75 Color/$45 Lineart - Done by appointment. 2 hour time limit (Note: You are not paying for a two hour block. You are paying for a commission that has a 2hr time limit. Commissioners that intentionally try to use up the time may be charged extra). Rarely available.

-Digital AO Painting Commissions: Start at $160 and require multiple slots. Simple character portraits only.  Rarely Available.

-Comic Commissions: Start at $200 per page. All Pages are 1500px tall by 900px wide. This is a case by case basis. Simple BG's only. All are colored/shaded. Specifics must be left up to the Artist. The Artist will include dialogue if none is given. Rarely Available. Comics require several open slots. If you wish to have a comic done, you will likely be slotted for the next available slot week.


Generic texture background: Free with all commissions
Quick outdoors painted background: Possibly Free with commissions (Case by case basis)
Basic Second Life built Backgrounds: $10 Extra (may not be available for AO Paintings).

Wings: $10 per character
Special/specific Markings: $5+ per character (Case by case basis)
Special/Complex/Difficult Clothing or Gear: $5+ per character (Case by case basis)
Guns: $10 per weapon per character (You must provide reference pics.)
Excessive Tearing/disintegration of clothing (To the point that it causes time delays.) $5-10 extra. (Case by case basis)
Extra closeup shots showing $15+ (Such as headshots, handshots, footshots, etc for TF images or whatnot)
Reality Shift style Commissions (Depicting random energy lines between two separate scenes with a character split between them) $10 (Case by case basis). Character must be in ONE pose, with details altered between the two scenes. Character is not shapeshifting in the traditional sense, so things like ripped clothing may not work out.
Dialogue Additions - If you provide dialogue, it is free of charge. If the Artist has to create the dialogue, it is $10 extra on a case by case basis.

Revisions/Changes/Alterations:Artist Errors/Forgotten Specifics/etc: If you tell the Artist you want something specific and the Artist forgets to add it, or it's not in accordance to what was agreed upon, the Artist will fix the errors for free. This will be based on the emails and agreement. If you forgot something, see below.

Your Errors/Forgotten Specifics/etc: $10 per issue - If you fail to tell the Artist something about your commission before the day of the slot, and need changes after the piece is finished, it will cost $10 to fix it on the final image. This is for Flat Colors, Colored/Shaded or Lineart sketch commissions only. Any alterations that need to be made on AO paintings or comics may cost more depending upon the issue.(Case by case basis)

Contacting The Artist:
You must send the Artist an email at Notes or private messages on sites or chat rooms will not be considered any part of the official agreement. You can talk to the Artist or ask questions in notes or chats, but the agreed upon specifics of the commission must be in email.

You may be as thorough as you'd like in your commission requests, however, remember that brevity is the soul of wit. (Don't pad it). Try to keep it brief, long, storylike descriptions of what's going on causes the Artist to miss details. Do not send the Artist stories, just send the following:

1. Character species, (References are great). Be sure to tell the Artist if the subject is anthropomorphic or not if you don't have any character reference pics.
2. Character Pose (Refs requested)
3. Any Special markings (Super special markings may cost extra). Again refs requested.
4. Clothing and gear(Complex/difficult clothing may cost extra)
5. If it's a Transformation (TF), please tell the Artist what you want without giving the Artist a novel sized story about what's going on. Tell the Artist how far advanced you want the TF to be (Please don't just use percentages beyond 25, 50, 75, 100), let the Artist know if you want any human skin showing and where if it's a human -> animal TF. Also let the Artist know if you want any clothing ripped up.
6. If it's a TF, do you want any magical effects shown?
7. What Background do you want? (Lineart does not come with Backgrounds unless very simple shapes.)
8. What name you wish for the Artist to put on the public facing slot list (Anonymous is fine)
9. Your Paypal or Google Wallet/Pay linked email address. Please let the Artist know which one you would prefer to use.

Do not pay until the Artist acknowledges that you will get a slot. The Artist will not work on your slot until the Artist gets payment in full. The Artist will give instructions for payment via email. Slots will not be assigned until the Artist receive payment.

General Rules and Terms of Service:

#1. The Artist reserves the right to refuse to take any commission at their own personal discretion.

#2. Commission rate is per character per image. A two character image will cost you double.

#3. One Commission per slot: You can only get one color commission per slot or 5 sequences of lineart (no color). You are allowed to get as many slots as you'd like for the posted schedule.

#4. Sketches are not provided in advance for approval. The Artist will take your description and draw it in the style of the Artist.

#5. The Artist won't draw anything that is copyrighted unless you are the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder. This includes characters (Harry Potter), species (pokemon or Final Fantasy), etc.

#6. The Artist won't draw anything sexual or adult in nature. Gore is okay. Excessive gore probably isn't.

#7. The Artist prefers not to do transgender transformation art. Headshots may be fine.

#8. The Artist won't draw any Black Tapestries based Artwork for commissions.

#9. The Artist shall automatically reject anything that represents or communicates symbols of hate, hate speech, threatening or abusive language/visuals. This includes anything that targets a person on account of disability, ethnic or national origin, nationality (including citizenship), race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or skin color.

#10. For Kaerwyn Artwork: The Artist will only draw Kaerwyn based Artwork for current Kaerwyn role players - and only for events as they actually happened in Kaerwyn (or Kaerwyn based RP). Note: Players if you have characters in Kaerwyn that you want the Artist to draw doing things that didn't happen in Kaerwyn, that is fine, as long as it's not implied that this happened in Kaerwyn's RP. For example, the Artist will not draw a picture of your character in a plot that they did not participate in. If you want something similar, it can be worked out with the Artist.

#11. Please understand that you are buying a sketch commission. These are colored or lineart over basic, unrefined sketches. You can send the Artist references (They help tons) but overall you're getting an image that will not have extensive references or have major refinements to correct position, anomalies, perspective, etc. If you are obsessive about details these may not be for you. 

#12. Please send the Artist references when available!  However, if you send the Artist links to references hosted on a 3rd party site, you are responsible for making sure that site is accessible during the time of the commission. If you send the Artist a link to a reference on a site that is down when your slot comes up, the Artist will not be able to wait for that site to come up.  Should this occur, the Artist may switch your slot to a later time or may continue with the commission as if references were not available. This rule is specifically in regards to Fur Affinity, as the Artist gets many, MANY link references and it quite often goes down or becomes inaccessible when needed.  However, this rule applies to any site.  If you wish to email the Artist with your reference images, that is fine.  If a reference site becomes inaccessible, the Artist will try to contact you asking for the references, but the Artist will still need them ASAP and before your slot time has elapsed.

#13. Discounts cannot be stacked unless specifically stated by the Artist. In addition, if you are given a special, specific discount, such as a Patreon Discounts, you cannot use that discount for other people's commissions or characters.

Livestream Rules:
#1. Livestream Commissions: One of the benefits to streaming is that you get to see the Artist draw it, in a slightly delayed realtime. Which means, you can make changes if you see there are issues. However, there are steps to the way the Artist works and it's difficult to backtrack. So, you are only allowed to ask for changes for the step that the Artist is currently on. The process is thus: Pose, Sketch Detail, Lineart, Coloration. The Artist will first draw a rough stick figure or basic body outline for the pose. Once the pose is approved the Artist will work on the details on the sketch stage. At this stage you cannot change the pose but you can change some of the details. Once the Artist is at the lineart stage, you can't change the pose or anything that would require a re-draw. You can change some of the minor details that the lineart is showing (Such as if a marking is missing, or a piece of jewelry is absent, or if you want to change pants into a skirt. This is relatively easy). Once the Artist hits the color stage, the pose and lineart are locked. You can change the color choice the Artist uses, but that's it. So if you see things you want to be changed, you need to let the Artist know as soon as possible.

#2. Livestream Attentiveness: Because of the nature of the livestream, the Artist needs commissioners to be there and attentive. The Artist will ask questions during the stream to make the commission as close to what you're looking for as possible. If you go AFK in the middle of the stream, you may get skipped in line, or the Artist may need to move on to the next step while working on your commission. Because these need to be done quickly, you're also limited in the extent of changes you can make. (For example, if you tell the Artist the pose doesn't matter, then want to radically change the pose on the first sketch, you've just wasted the time of the Artist and everyone else's. Please don't do that.) The Artist would rather you tell them up front exactly what you want if you have something in mind.

#3. Livestream Time Limit: Commissions are limited to 2hrs on the stream. Any commissions cut after 2 hrs may be finished offstream, which might require an additional cost (See Sketch Commission Slot Prices). If the Artist causes the picture to take too long, the Artist will try to work on it ASAP to get it finished. If the Artist is delayed by the commissioner, such as by excessive changes to the work, too many details in the picture, or a lack of timely responses, the Artist will not be able to finish the image in time. You are only guaranteed up to 2 hours of work. You are not guaranteed anything beyond that. If the Artist feels that a commissioner is asking for too many alterations or detailing beyond a reasonable expectation for a sketch commission, the Artist will move on without approval. Please plan wisely.

#4. You are not purchasing 2 hrs of time. You are purchasing images at a specific per image rate with a time limit. If the Artist feels a commissioner is unreasonably forcing the commission to take longer, the Artist reserves the right to continue without commissioner input for the image to be finished a timely and efficient manner.

#5. Please understand that you are buying a sketch commission. These are colored or lineart over basic, unrefined sketches. You can send the Artist references (They help tons) but overall you're getting an image that will not have extensive references or have major refinements to correct position, anomalies, perspective, etc. If you are obsessive about details these may not be for you. The Artist will do the best they can in the 2 hrs for the time slot given, but if the commissioner wants constant changes to the image, you will use up all your time and the Artist will be unable to finish on the stream.

Return or Cancellation Policy:
1. Payment is required up front to secure the slot.
2. If you must cancel and require a refund before the day of your slot, please contact the Artist to arrange a refund.
3. If you must cancel and require a refund the day of your slot, you will only be issued a refund if the Artist has not started on your order yet. If the Artist has started on your order, you will be given a pro-rated refund based on the work completed.
4. After the work is completed, you cannot get a refund and the payment in full is required.

There are lots of examples of my work here:… and…

My Office Hours: 11am EDT/EST - 6pm EDT/EST M-F
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