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Texture Tuesday: Crystal Tutorial

This is more for 'translucent minerals in the raw'.  If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to ask in replies.

This was made with Photoshop CC, but there aren't many special tricks about it that require photoshop. (Except maybe the smudge brush I use).  So it could possibly be adapted to other art programs.

If you guys make anything with these, feel free to show them to me. I'm interested in seeing what people make with the tutorials!

Here's that Cloud Tutorial that I referenced in this one:
Texture Tuesday: Cloud Tutorial by JakkalWolf

Redid the blending brush and gave it its own full tutorial:
Tutorial Tuesday: Blending Brush by JakkalWolf
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pretty cyrstal~~~~~~~~~~~~~
hey, can you do tutorials on tfs pls?
(only if possible or you wanna do it.  this isnt exactly you wanted to see it)
Hey JakkalWolf, I love the look of these crystals and I really want to use something like this in a game I am currently making. I am having trouble with getting my gradients to behave as yours do though so the gradients look a lot different then the ones in your pictures. would you be able to make a video tutorial of you going through from beginning to end on something like this? I would love to be able to see exactly what and where you are clicking in order to get these effects.
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I have zero experience with trying to make video tutorials. Do you have an example of your work? I might be able to see what's up.
well it doesnt have to be an actual tutorial. just a video of you doing this from start to finish. i dont have anything right now because i just deleted it since it wasnt coming out how i wanted.
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Great tutorial, thank you for this!
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