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Redemption's Pursuit

By JakkalWolf
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This is the cover for Issue 12 of Black Tapestries (my webcomic). Here's the [link] if anyone is interested in reading it.

Lorelei looks quite sad in this. But I'm happy with the way the BG itself came out. That mountain was an accident, but it turned out to look very good. This was done in PS7 from scratch with no filters being abused in this pic.
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wow....i feel the sadness in this piccy :(
a very nicely done drawing, yet...so sad.....
to be alone is the most painful thing :(
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That's beautiful! That's certainly a different style from what I usually see.
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Oh wow... ~suddenly realized he hasn't read BT in far, far too long~

I'd probably agree alot with what Maddog3060 said, but as a few comments of my own, I really like how the painting technique (I'm guessing its painting, but don't really know; I'm not a visual artist) gives a flowing look to the rockface Lorelei is sitting on, like its about ready to slide under her like some viscuous lava. The background looks a lot more stable, which I think goes back to Maddog's point a bit.

Great job!
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It's wonderful. Lore's body language and the look on her face really make you feel that something's really wrong and gives off a sense of lonlieness. The whole background supports this, emphisizing the feelings of lonliness and even of despair that she'll never get out of the feelings she has.

Really drives home the sadness, and the wistfulness of something long past.

'Course, I may be letting my knowledge of the storyline interfere, but damn it's a good pic.
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You have an elfwood gallery don't you.
You did 'mayew' didn't you.
Of the guy and the horse in the forrest.
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Yep, I think I uploaded it to this gallery too. But that was Lorelei and her horse Dakotah.
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Wow...niiccee! The scenery is really impressive one, those mountains really look like they are really far away. And that waterfall is very beautiful too. A very good cover I must say.
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Definately awesome. Love the waterfall way off in the distance.

Woof :D
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