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June - 2005

By JakkalWolf
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Well this is June for the 2005 BT Calendar. Yep, it's Lorelei again, with her horse Dakotah. Bet you guys are tired of seeing just Lore in my gallery. Anyway, this pic got rushed, just like the last one. I wanted to give it a real BG, with like trees n stuff, but time wasn't on my side. The BG it has isn't bad though, and I hope it looks cool in the Calendar and as a poster.

I want to do a similar painting later when I have more time, and fix all the anatomical problems that this one suffers from.

If anyone was wondering, this character is from my webcomic, you can read it here: [link]
Be warned, it's got blood, guts, and lots of swearing.
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I know this is old, but would it be possible to get a 1920x1080 wallpaper of this? The detailed pic shows that it's large enough without sacrificing detail. I just reread all of Black Tapestries, one of my favorite webcomics of all time during my adolescent years. I would really appreciate it! It would go along nicely side by side with the other Lorelei wallpaper (taken from the Black Tapestries forum background) that I have on my dual monitor setup. 
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Speaking of which, why isn't the Lorelei background picture posted anywhere else? It's my favorite picture/pose/everything of Lorelei. 
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I unfortunately lost the original in a HD failure years ago.  I thought I had backups made of it, but I think the issue happened shortly after I made this pic. I haven't been able to find it, or some of the other images from that BT Calendar.
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I see. Thanks for replying!
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<img src="https://artdragon.mine.nu/~blackunig ryphon/BUH.gif" alt=""> Wow!

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If only to echo everyone else...that's freakin' awesome. Love the pose an' everything (cool sword too, though for some reason it seems brighter then the rest of the picture, but that could be my screen). Great job.
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Just so totaly awsome, if not FANTASTIC! :D :D :D
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As usual, great picture. You can never get too much of Lore. ^_^
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wow... thats....awsome! very awsome!
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Beautiful. I like the detail that you did on it.
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Only one word fit: Awesome.
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