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Deviation Spotlight

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My Bio

Artist, wannabe-writer, creator of The Realm of Kaerwyn and Black Tapestries. Currently administrator of Kaerwyn's Public RP. I also run a store in Second Life known as The WereHouse that makes animal and anthro avatars.

I don't write Kaerwyn by myself. Each character is controlled by their own player (Since all of them are actual characters in Kaerwyn's RP) So a little shoutout:

Renard is played by Oshay. (He doesn't really have a dA account)

Niixa is played by NeekIiroz

Tunc is played by seasonofclarity

Callie is played by LastHowl

All the other characters are mine.

And many thanks to Blackcanines92, Arrow-Quivershaft, seasonofclarity, and pythos-cheetah for giving me a subscription account! It's greatly appreciated!

Current Commission information:

For Offstream commissions: I post when I have commission available. Right now I do 3 slots on Thursdays and Fridays unless otherwise stated.

If you want an open spot, send me a note or email me at jakkal at gmail dot com

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Van Gogh
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... Don't really have one.
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See above.
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Robert Herrick
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Super Mario Brothers 3 bay bee, classic
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Nintendo, don't care what kind, must be Nintendo
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Werecritters... shapeshifting... stuff
I realize with the post-pandemic state of the world that things are not going well for a lot of people. But I'm afraid that I'm no exception. Both of my Patreon accounts are very low. I use the money from these to pay my main bills (Rent, utilities, food, insurance, etc) and commissions for the rest or fill in the gaps. They're no longer hitting the mark for this. I know people see the amount on the main Patreon page and think "Oh Jakkal is doing well enough" but, if you calculate it, I make about $4/hr doing the Kaerwyn comic. I do it because I enjoy it. However, this won't last forever, especially as the price of everything is going up. If you enjoy the Kaerwyn comic, please consider becoming a Patron. https://www.patreon.com/Jakkal If you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription, you can send one time payments via https://ko-fi.com/jakkal You can also send shinies via Fur Affinity https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jakkal/ No, I'm sorry, I cannot accept DA points or
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For you folks that are not native English Speakers, starting with issue 18, I've written out the transcripts for the comics. I don't think I'll have time to do all the prior issues, but at least we can get the ball rolling with this one. The transcript is available on the comic's home site: https://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/ You can copy the text and paste it into your translation software of choice. I know it won't always be super accurate, but the best we can do for you guys, as we can't afford to host several different translated versions of it.
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I've posted about this on my Patreon, you can go here to read more on it: https://www.patreon.com/posts/51017075 TLDR; I'm thinking about doing some comic shorts for my patrons, that would be inconsequential to the main comic plots, but might answer questions people had about Kaerwyn, the characters, etc.
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Hey Jakkal, i have a question that i wanna say about your comic series you been doing.

If II may offer some advice, you should add links to "next" and "previous" pages of your comics in the description of your entries. That way, no one as to search your gallery for the page where they left off.

Just throwing in my two cents. ;)

Nah it's too much trouble. I rarely use DA and only post it here because people requested it. There are buttons on Eclipse (The current DA Layout) that do exactly this. But also if you really want to make use of those buttons you can check out on the comic on it's home site at https://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/ or on comic fury http://kaerwyn.thecomicseries.com/comics/1192 (And both of those sites let you use keyboard arrow keys to navigate as well).

I love your art style. The way you draw your human characters makes me nostalgic for 80s and 90s cartoons. :)

Hi, I'm one of your recent watchers.

First of all, your art is killer my friend:D

Secondly, I've only just started looking at your comics, "The Realm of Kaerwyn" and "The Black Tapestries," both look really interesting, so I was wondering where might be a good place to start. Like, you know, the beginning. With the vastness of your gallery, I'm finding it rather difficult to find the starting points.

Anyway, if you've read this far, thank you, your art skills are amazing, and thanks for providing awesome comics and art:love:

Forum sites are kind of hard to roleplay on not gonna lie and roblox is messy, so I wanted to introduce this site to you guys I think you'll love.

It's called wolfhome.com

A chatlands site where you create an avatar and you can go into rooms. Create packs. It's honestly the best online roleplaying sites I have ever seen. (Especially for those who do descriptive rp with terms and such)

Right now the creator of the site is doing a big remodeling, tho it's not the best for mobile devices rn (only for computer or if you have a browser with flash) however with the new updates they'll be adding more plus making it mobile friendly soon. There's no advertisement for the sites so it's been getting inactive since the 6+ years that I've been on it and I wanna see it thrive again. Please check it out if you like to roleplay or just chat around. I hope you enjoy it

just wondering why people do.