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Zelda - Hyrule Warriors (MMD Render Test)

By Jakkaeront
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She is beautiful and nice on outfit design. (High quality model though)
Great job to people who ripped this and designer of this game. :)

What do you think?
(PS: I forgot to fix her armors and accessories texture into bright mode)

Model (c) Nintendo,
Omega Force, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo
model from thanatos-3d
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© 2015 - 2020 Jakkaeront
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I bet she could wield two Master Swords. Stupendous job.
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does it work for motions
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Is she up for DL?
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It was up already
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I see it now, sorry!
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Wow! very amazing Zelda. :) her outfit suits her very well. ^_^
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Do you think you can give me a link to download her? If not, that's cool, but I would love to have her! ^^La la la la 
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I would love to have her if you would put a dl link.
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 wow!!!is good word
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THIS IS GREAT! Will there be a mmd download for her?
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Really beautiful buddy =3
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she is so beautiful *0*
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nice render but the her gold stuff like her crown and etc. doesn't shine, it look rather dull.
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She's gorgeous!

Will she be up for DL? I love HW Zelda ; w ;
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she looks good
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She's available for MMD???
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I thought you only want Mr.Link ?
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haha, yes ^^
But I'm surprised.
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Beautiful design even i don't know who she is..
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You don't know her???
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