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MMD Pokemon Team XY Download

All their shiny form included in DL, button at right side.

Please comment "DL'ed / Downloaded"

:onfire: They look so colourful together~ :airborne:
You can check their short animation below.
MMD Pokemon Team XY Short Test (Swf) by BryanRush

Simple Rules for MMD users! 
- Credits if used, at least don't claim yourself
- Can edit
- Don't redistribute exactly same files & recolor version
- Distribute only in new appearance or a lot of edits (for MMD)


:gallery: FULL CREDITS:

- Pokemon Models ©  Nintendo, Game freak Inc., Creature Inc.

- All models converted into MMD & rigged by BryanRush

- Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie and Dedenne from Pokemon X/Y 3ds,
ripped by Random Talking Bush from models resource

- Pikachu from Poke'Park Wii2, ripped by roxas358 from models resource

search tag: Chespin DL , Pikachu DL , Dedenne DL , Fennekin DL and Froakie DL
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