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Uncharted Wallpaper -1st place

This is the wallpaper I made for the European contest of Uncharted : Drake's Fortune, and I came 1st out of 10 winners (and many more participants), so I won a signed artwork (by about 20 members of Naughty Dog) of the game, and my wallpaper is available for download on the European Playstation Store since December, 20th 2007...I'm so happy ! :)

You can download the wallpaper on this page (the link leads here -> [link] ) in fullsize (1920x1080). ;)

PS : The other winners -> [link]


Ceci est le wallpaper que j'ai fait pour le concours européen de Uncharted : Drake's Fortune, et je suis arrivé 1er sur 10 gagnants (et bien plus de participants), j'ai donc gagné un artwork signé (par une vingtaine de membres de Naughty Dog) du jeu, et mon wallpaper est disponible sur le Playstation Store Européen depuis le 20 Décembre suis très content ! :)

Vous pouvez télécharger ce fond d'écran sur cette page (le lien mène ici -> [link] ) en taille originale (1920x1080). ;)

PS : Les autres gagnants -> [link]
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Where it all started..... in 2007 Naughty Dog released a game that barely anyone knew about in the early days of the playstation 3
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I'm a bit late to the whole Uncharted games (I just got Drake's Fortune a couple days after Christmas, I've already beat it twice and plan on beating it a couple more times) But I love it so much! I cannot wait to play the next 2. My search for an Uncharted wallpaper has led me here to your page. This wonderful piece of work is my El Goddamn Dorado. Thank you very much for making this!
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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. :) Enjoy the game - I hope you get the sequels soon, they're even better! :)
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Just got Among Thieves today! Can't wait to play it!
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Would there be a way to order a custom screenshot from the game, rendered in higher resolution?
It's just too bad I can't take screenshots in my PS3 first of all, then also that it's at 720p and I can't change the camera.
There are some scenes in the game I want to create an image of, but it could only be done if they'd do it in some sort of development-mode.
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Sorry mate, can't help you.
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i love about game Uncharted
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this is nice :D downloading!
That's really good, cool.
That's really good, cool.
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congrats for winning :D
that's absolutely amazing *_*
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Thanks a lot. =)
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Great wallpaper, you actually won a european contest :O
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Thanks mate. :) Yeah, I must admit I was quite surprised myself. I wasn't technically allowed to compete (should have been 16, I was 14 =P), but, when you can Photoshop, might as well try. :D
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one of the greatest games EVER =)

good job ;) :+fav:
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Thanks, mate ! ;)
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Nice job my friend. Got the game for Christmas this year. Been dying to play it again. Amazing wallpaper, nice job.
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Cheers mate. :)
Enjoy the game, it's great. ;)
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Beautiful wallpaper, man.
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thats awesome that you won really good!
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This is awesome!
I bought Uncharted and it is AWESOME. =)
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Wow, this is super cool! I'm going to download as soon as I can.
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