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Happy Independence Day (aka 4th of July Day)!
Another birthday for America (USA)!

Can't wait to see some fireworks tonight! Are you?

Something that the American Dragon will be proud to be beside a dragon guardian protecting the magical creatures of NYC from evil danger!
Counting me, myself, and I, we now finally reached 20 members and also this time only got a few new watchers!
GOODY! Keep it up!

American Dragon Jake Long may not be as popular as it was before. . .but we still LOVE them!
Do you agree?!
The Disney club that been hacked a few weeks ago is now slowly restore back the way it was before!
They now got the folders back up and members back to submitting good Disney fanart again!
Their first contest to celebrate is to create a new club icon since the old one is lost thanks to that no-good hacker!

If you like to join the fun, where's the link to the club!

So GLAD that DisneyArtistsUnited club is BACK! And pray that it won't happen again! >_<
Counting me, myself, and I, I noticed that we now got 10 members in this month!
Great job!
Hope many more join in the future!
Did you hear. . .
The founder of the poor hacked club, DisneyArtistsUnited just released some news that the founder of the new Disney club, WorldofDisney is the hacker that hacked into the DisneyArtistsUnited club and ruin everything!
No idea what really going on now. . .but I hope that justice and peace is FINALLY serve!

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