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Just a contest reminder that the deadline for this club's contest "If There's a Season Three. . ." is now somewhere NEXT MONTH!

If you're a new member and have no idea what I'm talking about, here the club blog about it…
If we don't get enough entries by the time the deadline reached, then I'll have no choice but to cancel the contest!

I'm sorry if this club is not as popular as it used to be!

At least it still playing re-runs somewhere on Disney Channel with some other old ones. . .I think. . .
If you don't noticed this yet. . .there's finally a new American Dragon-based fanclub here on DA!
The one that's mostly about Jake Long's little sister, Haley Long
If interested, check it out!
WARNING: if for some odd reason you can't get in to this club, please be patient. . .the founder of that club will do all he/she can since this club is still new

What's your thoughts?!
Just for fun, I thought I'll do ahead a start on a contest here in this club that based on a dream that we, ADJL fans, hope it will someday come true. . .
What If. . .a Season Three of "American Dragon Jake Long" finally did came. . .or a new-version series of American Dragon. . .what kind of story will it holds this time. . .what kind of challenges that the main heroes now have to face. . .

The challenge is this. . .
Either draw a cool-poster like entry of ALMOST MOST of the cast, INCLUDING Jake and Rose, and create some short of story. . .like a profile or something
Like this for example
Jack Long is back and it's not just his new high school life that he now have to face!
He soon have to face new challenges that will make him a full-guardian of the magic world hidden in New York as American Dragon!
PLUS his long-distance dating life with Rose, who still got MOST of the memories of what she used to be. . .still going stronger then ever!
Perfect right?!
A new darkness filled of new villains begin to surface to ruin his day!
And many more well-kept secrets will be revealed that will shock some well-known people!
But it's nothing that the American Dragon could handle. . .right. . .
OR create a scene that you imaged to see if there's a Season Three. . .like Jake Long battling a new villain as the American Dragon, Jake with his new high school life, Jake and Rose hanging out, or something EPIC. . .used your imagination wisely!

*One entry per artists/writers
*It got to be the same rating as the series! NO cursing words! NO rated stuff that over the rating of the series! I want this to be CLEAN!
*Nothing bloody and gorely! Some blood like cuts is ok. . .but NOTHING MAJOR if you know what I mean!
*You could try to do either the styles of Season One, Season Two, or something new and creative. . .just don't make it to different if you know what I mean!
*In this contest, OCs characters is allowed (like new allies, new enemies, ETC). . .but NO fan-children of Jake and Rose yet. . .I want this idea to take place around when they are still teenagers facing high school!
*NO crossovers!
*You could try to put your other favorite official characters of the series. . .BUT IT GOT TO HAVE JAKE AND ROSE in this or it will be denied!
*NO stealing! You have to used your own ideas!
*Short comic strips and short written entries is allowed. . .but it mush be a profile-like description. . .like maybe the description/scenes of the first premiere episode(s). . .but beside that it can't be TO LONG! Don't try to describe THE WHOLE SEASON!!! Just a premiere!
*Still follow the club's rules like always!
*It need to be completely finished! NO messy line-art or anything! (written entries don't have to worry about that LOL)
*Submit finished entries in the "Contest Entries" Folder (should be open now, if not PLEASE let me know and I'll fix it)

(This will UPDATE later when someone donate prizes to this chart)
*A very epic American Dragon Jake Long G-rated fanart request from ME, the founder
*25 points from :iconstray-sketches:

*a llama badge from ME, the founder (if you didn't get one from me yet)
*a full-colored (no background) Jake Long (Season 1 or 2) fanart request from :iconstray-sketches:

*a llama badge from ME, the founder (if you didn't get one from me yet)

SO SORRY that we don't got a lot of good prizes!
IF you want to donate some good prizes to this chart!
Like art requests, features, points, lama badges, PMs, ETC. . .that will be very nice of you!!

Well. . .I think. . .we should make this deadline for. . .August 12, 2013!
Sounds fair to you all?

WARNING: if we don't get enough entries by the time this deadline reach, then I have no choice but to CANCEL the contest until next time!

The second contest to :iconjakexrose: club have OFFICIALLY BEGIN!!
TODAY marked 2 YEARS since :iconjakexrose: club is made in DA!
Huntsgirl Rose and the American Dragon by FitzOblong Jake and Rose by Dreamgirl2007
The FIRST EVER (and so far ONLY) Disney Channel's American Dragon Jake Long-based fanclub that's mostly ALL ABOUT the official pairing of Jake and Rose!
Jake Long by kamzilla456 American Dragon by Pidorina Named upon a beautiful flower by kleenesoph
Sorry that this fanclub is not as popular as it used to be!
But at least we get some new members/watchers once in a while. . .


Do you all think we should celebrate with a contest (even though last contest got cancelled from lack of entries)?!
If most of you are up for it, we'll begin right away!
I think I got a good theme in mind. . .hehehehe. . .

HAPPY 2 YEARS :iconjakexrose: club!
Hope for many more!!

NEW AMERICAN DRAGON FANCLUBS (late 2012 - 2013 so far)

What's your thoughts?!
Well. . .somewhere in this month, this club will hit 2 YEARS on DA!!!
Do you think we should celebrate with a contest (even though the last one got cancelled because of the lack of entries)?

If MOST of you are up for it, then we might, starting on that 2 YEARS day!
I'll think of a good theme for it!

So what's your thoughts?!

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