After thinking about this. . .I thought let give it this first contest a try!
The theme is this:
What Jake and Rose up to during the Year of the Dragon?
a date as Jake and Rose? Fighting evil together as American Dragon and Huntgirl?
Maybe another adventure (like if season three did came on? How will the first episode start?)
I'll do one as a example to show you all what I mean
(coming soon)

*one entry per person
*still respect the club rules like always
*NO extra characters! No OCs and NO crossovers! The theme only requires JUST Jake and Rose ONLY!
*It got to be a COMPLETE work! No messy line work! It must be COLORED! Anything tradtional and/or digital! Written work might be allowed (depends if we have enough entries and prizes to judge the written work separted)
*The background got to have something that have to do with the Chinese New Year (like chinese lanterns and/or fireworks)
*Submit entries to the Contest Entries Folder

*In this special contest, not only it just for the members here but also the members in any DA fanclubs that have to do with The American Dragon Jake Long! They all welcome to try if they want!

Sorry if I don't have a lot of prizes! The only kind of prizes I got for now is a good-respect American Dragon art request and llama from me and the winning entry might be on the feature part of the favorite gallery for the rest of the Year of the Dragon (that's a whole year)
If anyone want to donate any good prizes the PLEASE let me know!
I want to make enough for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places!

The deadline is somewhere in late January before The Chinese New Year!
(WARNING: If this contest don't get enough entries by the time the deadline reached then I have no choice but to cancel it unless most of you wanted a extented deadline to give it one more chance)

Any questions asked me!

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