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Hey y'all. Necropolis launched today with Page One of the Prologue. Until I get the site up It'll update regularly on Tumblr (Thursdays at 3pm-ish PST) but I'll be posting pages here every once and a while to keep y'all in the loop.

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I take it production has paused. You guys have been on a looooong hiatus. :(
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When is this going to be released?
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I like the aesthetics on this page.

Do you work on Photoshop or Manga Studio?
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* () *
this is pure amazing.
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The best thing about discovering this now is that another page is primed to go up today! The worst thing is that I didn't discover it after hundreds of pages were already posted, because my eyes crave (nay, demand!) more!
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Haha, thanks man!
Beautiful powerful woman... I have been waiting for this for a long time. From the first time I saw your teasers I was hooked. Beautiful. 
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Daaannng, this is really good. The little gesture of her hand on his arm says so much, I love it.
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Thanks, man!  I love the designs of your weapons/armor.  I may use a version that experimental hatchet later in the story, if you're cool with it.
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Of course! Strictly speaking, it's not "my" design, I've seen similarly shaped things out there. I just made the proportions the way I wanted them. Plus this way I get to brag that something I made exists in a graphic novel :D
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Haha, I think it's SO MUCH COOLER to make stuff that exists in the physical world!  Funny how that works.
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Oh! Yeah, I mean I'm not saying it's not cool to actually make the stuff, but I have a huge appreciation for people who can sit down and make a world on paper. That is super cool to me.
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Jake Wyatt this is awesome.  I can't wait for the next one :)
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Thanks, Court!
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