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The end, here and now (poem)
Sighed the mountains at nightfall, tenebrous dark. Whispered the hills when the day wakes up, funereal heat. The end, here and now and a secret of powder; before the day of knowledge, in the stillness of time, dreamers seek behind the rain of the horizon, in the waiting, in the threaded skies; but moons never appear in streams, after the rains (of death). Looking at the pebbles of time, only shadows on the walls, only traces of ink in the cosmos. The seasons passed and the rocks do not need to feel the harmony of the simas, because the waves of snow remain, while the worlds disappear. Before the day of knowledge, In the stillness of the s
Tears of steel, sound walls, carving the wind, destroying the void. Fire storm! Behold... Cracks in the armor, stopped time; stolen, never returned, the moments. Blue bite, white gold spheres filled. Concentrated power, cutting edges, gaze, sparkling eyes. Lumirassu ss√ęs'udal e'um but distant is the place. Absolute calm, perpetual oblivion... trapping air remembering secrets. No longer exists, returns to the place of lost futures. There will never be ice lava. Xhaaw√ľ mytsulond√ę ... ...adi√≥s.
El fin, aqui y ahora
Suspiraban las monta√Īas al caer la noche, fr√≠o tenebroso. Susurraban las colinas al despertar el d√≠a, calor fun√©reo. El fin, aqu√≠ y ahora y un secreto de p√≥lvora; antes del d√≠a del conocimiento, en la quietud del tiempo, los so√Īadores buscan detr√°s de la lluvia del horizonte, en la espera, en los cielos enhebrados; pero nunca aparecen las lunas en los arroyos, despu√©s de las lluvias (de la muerte), mirando hacia los guijarros del tiempo, s√≥lo sombras en las paredes, s√≥lo rastros de tinta en el cosmos. Las estaciones pasan y las rocas no necesitan sentir la armon√≠a de las sima
Whispers of a mountain about to fall
Dancing through a rusty cristal following an angular path. Destroying mountains, dancing, building skies and, looking to the sea, looking to the wind, carving the hills. O, barren spirit! when you let come the tenebrous cold? When the earth created by your whims would wake? Your new world mourns for being detained. seven tears floating to the river, seven mountains crumbling in the void. The earth want to be alive! Let from his inside the joy fire arise! Lava crossing the plains, stars illuminating the firmament and the color of thoughts touching the sky. Already! Already! It is no longer a secret! creatures of the earth will come a
Susurros de una montana a punto de caer
Danzando a trav√©s del cristal herrumbroso, siguiendo un sendero anguloso. Destruyendo monta√Īas, bailando, construyendo cielos y mirando al mar, mirando al viento; tallando las colinas. ¬°Oh, esp√≠ritu bald√≠o! ¬Ņcu√°ndo dejar√°s llegar al tenebroso fr√≠o? ¬Ņcu√°ndo despertar√° la tierra creada por tus caprichos? Tu nuevo mundo llora por estar detenido: siete l√°grimas flotando hasta el r√≠o, siete monta√Īas derrumb√°ndose en el vac√≠o. ¬°La tierra quiere estar viva! ¬°Deja que de su interior salga el fuego de la alegr&iacut
Like the moons, like the stars...
Like the moons, like the seas of stars... por/by ~Jakeukalane Like the moons, like the stars, like the seas of stellar dust... Like the poem of the cosmos looking us. Like the frost nebulae in the sky, and the planets tearing apart. Like the finite universe that it is infinite for us.
The Mare of the Wind
Image Midnight Run by = Dianabolique. Let the wind guide your steps allow the whole space sleep in your dreams and, through the years, your spirit will gallop free. Move beyond the shadows and behold the prairie: the old fire stops burning if you look at it. What would you do if you were the owner of the sea? What would you do if you were the mistress of the wind? Would you raise the seas to the earth and vanish all the life? Your joy would dissapear. You would make the sea talk through waves and the wind wishper through mist. Dancing between them and kissing the coasts. Cross the clear water, travel to the middle of night and full of i
La Yegua del Viento
Imagen Midnight Run por = Dianabolique. Deja que el viento te gu√≠e permite que el espacio duerma en tus sue√Īos y que, a trav√©s de los a√Īos, tu esp√≠ritu galope suelto. Traspasa las sombras y contempla las llanuras: el viejo incendio dejar√° de arder si lo miras t√ļ. ¬ŅQu√© har√≠as si fueses due√Īa del aire? ¬ŅQu√© har√≠as si fueses amante del viento? ¬ŅAlzar√≠as los mares sobre la tierra y hacer desaparecer toda la vida? Tu alegr√≠a se desvanecer√≠a. Har√≠as hablar al mar a trav√©s de las olas y al viento a trav&eacu
Every moment
A sinuous melody in the middle of the sacrifice; a ridge that bleeds and looks to their tenants. 40,000 people waited for the underworld was opened, 40,000 people praying to a nonexistent god; the cruelty of the only one who they had to fear was indifferent and he would not stop until the world halt under his feet of iron. Huge black clouds formed at the other end of the world. A gentle breeze caressed their face, mocking their misfortune: the sky could not be bluer even if it was dyeing of the color of the sea. The silence was absolute; ancient symbols of good luck were growing from the soil, now enemies of humanity. Their number seemed
Evaporated with the rain
Image Raining in my heart by Juandii (https://www.deviantart.com/juandii) There was a white blackbird on the path perched calm in the middle of nowhere singing tunes of sadness. There was a red blackbird on the road perched tranquil against the wind singing songs of revenge. There was a green blackbird in the way perched cheerful above the water singing melodies of hope. There was a black blackbird on the footpath perched silently after the storm reciting verses of mistrust. "I guess the plains are thirsty I guess the mountains are hungry I guess that the stones do not understand the song that I want to show you ". "Where are the colored blackbirds who escaped from th
Evaporandose con la lluvia
Imagen Raining in my heart por Juandii (https://www.deviantart.com/juandii) Hab√≠a un mirlo blanco en la senda posada tranquila en medio de la nada cantando tonadas de tristeza. Hab√≠a un mirlo rojo en el camino posado tranquilo enfrente del viento cantando canciones de venganza. Hab√≠a un mirlo verde en la v√≠a posado alegre encima del agua cantando melod√≠as de esperanza. Hab√≠a un mirlo negro en el sendero posado silencioso tras la tormenta recitando versos de desconfianza. "Supongo que las llanuras tienen sed supongo que las monta√Īas tienen hambre, supongo que las piedras no entienden el canto que quiero mostrarte". "&iqu
Trap the sky
Far, outside time, and in the space, cracks and a whisper of energy; from the absolute vacuum, emerged, aberrant ultraviolet forces. Nearby, a leopard never will see green clouds, lightning fast, ferocious enemies: but if it is difficult to trap the sky more difficult is to destroy a dream. image: Juandii:I've trapped the sky
The gaze of the Ancient Ones
Guardians of cosmos, watching planets from eternal times. Givers of life they banish the dead. Their wisdom is infinite, but not all they know. Simple formules, complex patterns all seems complicated from afar. At distance the beauty is disorder and the confusion reigns. How far your mind would reach? Galaxies, groups, clusters and superclusters awaits; simple vacuum and a little of dust. Pure energy, climbing incomprehension, quasars, blazers and supernoves; naughty nebulae and red dwarfs. Veins, nerves, epithelial cells, eyes of the size of solar systems. admirable light reflections, darkness dark; Beyond, of the icy galaxies and the
It was a quiet night it was a black night whispers of metallic fume dragged on the ground. It was a moon stained a slow cry, yet constant. It was the howl of creatures populating the subsoil. It was a piercing scream destroying silver cities. It was a grey sky, not black: it was a dead star around all suns. surrounding them with the thought, but they were too small, too delicate. They succumbed to the overwhelming force of the tide of whispers without origin. Chains floating in infinite space wells from which sprout sea sounds. A sea full of blood, a sea full of joy. Why betray? What is hate but frustration? All beings are the same being that
Day, night, morning, all one
Image When Day and Night Meet by Juandii (https://www.deviantart.com/juandii) I still remember that day, floating above the world, divided in two, future and past, day, night, morning, all one, happinnes, sadness and emotion; but was the present what I lost and the irony who won. Worlds of frozen fire and toothless piranhas. See it in angry glares is useless. Here is the way, but nothing was the same from that endless morning.
The hero who resigned
The high black tower looked to him threatening, in the middle of the desert it rose: black walls, sharp obsidian, massive ruins around it, and, in its shape, madness was looming. The hero was, little by little, advancing in his confident search. Gone were the mountains, gone were the plains and even further was the sea, where large ships had been floating, led by him. His bravery unleashed, and with fury commanded to his emboldened armies. Surges in attack arranged but never to the battle came. The wall of sound advanced and terror he only saw. The coastline destroyed, thousands of ships smashed against the cliffs. The castles demolishe
El heroe que dimitio
La alta torre negra lo miraba amenazante, en medio del desierto se alzaba: muros negros, obsidiana cortante, enormes ruinas la rodeaban y en sus formas la locura se asomaba. El h√©roe poco a poco avanzaba, en su b√ļsqueda confiada. Lejos quedaban las monta√Īas, lejos quedaban las llanuras, y a√ļn m√°s lejos el mar, donde grandes barcos hab√≠an flotado por √©l comandados. Su bravura desencadenada, y con furia mandaba a sus ej√©rcitos envalentonados. Oleadas en ataque dispuestas mas nunca a la batalla llegaron. El muro de sonido avanz√≥ y s√≥lo vio terror. La costa destruida, ¬†mi
Poem of the Heartlost Sun
Els louhe lewlrir etecetulk, i√ßl p√ęytya iwa√™llihh mupklul, taa y√Įhdu aua ithuh√Įhtu, taa lpa aua irmenra-irqytdu. √Ękjyfe elta Thaw lrya i Sshu Ie pikl√Įhe ue √Įthi hytar gekkak m√āsuhew ril b√∂piihya puu. Una tierra marchita, agonizante, ese mundo agotado y expectante que canta con esperanza que grita con j√ļbilo creciente espera a su Sol, aguarda su estrella. El hermano de √©ste, sus cadenas romper√°, los liberar√°. A land withered, dying, that world exhausted and expectant singing with hope, crying with growing joy waiting for his sun, awaits its star. The brother o
Empty castles
Whispers that vanish in the air, armors that ever shine, towers in the air, without foundations, collapse. Huge castles, once bustled with life; now only travellers arrive in terrestrial ships of fantasy. That castle only has two towers, but twenty more buried in the sand, hidden from sight. Totally empty, surrounded by fields, surrounded by pits. Cold wind grey and blue, motes of black snow it has. Violet flowers agonize in the mud, butterflies burning in the fire. The sun and the sky are only acquaintances, each afternoon, from behind, the sun stabs his friend. Deep waters erased the valley from existence, calm fishes dwell now in the
Dia, noche, manana, todo uno.
Imagen When Day and Night Meet por Juandii (https://www.deviantart.com/juandii) Todav√≠a recuerdo aquel d√≠a, flotando, por encima del mundo, dividido en dos, futuro y pasado, d√≠a, noche, ma√Īana, todo uno, alegr√≠a, tristeza y emoci√≥n; pero fue el presente lo que perd√≠ y la iron√≠a quien gan√≥. Mundos de fuego helado y pira√Īas desdentadas. Verlo en reflejos furiosos no sirve de nada. Aqu√≠ sigue el camino, pero nada fue igual desde aquella interminable ma√Īana.
Dedos cortados
Ahí yacían los dedos cortados desgajados cristales y aullidos ahumados. Sangre en el cielo, pero que es eso azul sino otro cristal, de una bola que se agita y cae la nieve...
La Mirada de los Antiguos
Guardianes del cosmos, vigilan planetas desde tiempos eternos. Dadores de vida ahuyentan la muerte. Su sabidur√≠a es infinita, mas no todo conocen. F√≥rmulas simples, patrones complejos; todo parece complicado desde lejos. A distancia la belleza es desorden y la confusi√≥n reina. ¬ŅHasta donde llegar√≠a tu mente? Galaxias, grupos, c√ļmulos y superc√ļmulos esperan; simple vac√≠o y un poco de polvo. Energ√≠a pura, incomprensi√≥n trepadora, qu√°sars, bl√°zars y supernovas; nebulosas traviesas y enanas rojas. Venas, nervios, c√©lulas epiteliales, ojos del tama√Īo de sistema
En cada instante
Una melod√≠a sinuosa, en medio del sacrificio; un risco que se desangra y mira a sus inquilinos. 40.000 personas aguardaban a que el subsuelo se abriese 40.000 personas rezaban a un dios inexistente; la crueldad del √ļnico al que ten√≠an que temer era indiferente y no parar√≠a hasta que el mundo se detuviese bajo sus pies de hierro. Enormes nubes negras se formaban en el otro extremo del mundo. Suaves brisas les acariciaban el rostro, burl√°ndose de su desgracia: el cielo no podr√≠a ser m√°s azul ni aunque lo ti√Īesen del color del mar. El silencio era absoluto; del suelo crec√≠an antiguos s&#23
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