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Las distorsiones planares (imagen) by Jakeukalane
The planar distortions are flaws in the Interplanar Spaces or in the Planar Spaces causing damages to the very reality of those spaces.

In general, planar distortions are all those deformations affecting the Interplanar Fabric or causing the occurrence of Qroses or exotic Planar Structures.

Also called planar distortions all those distortions affecting any type of Plane, although do not affect the Fabric or the Reality of the Plane. An example of it would be the Fractal distortions, planar distortions produced in some Fractal Planes.

The interplanar radiation

One of the most common planar distortions is the "interplanar radiation" that comes from the Interplanar Fabric. This radiation is perceived by many beings as a wall of thousands of colours that surrounds them. However, the interplanar radiation is not of any particular color, but that is the mind of the different beings that changes those visual nerve impulses of "nothing" into different colours.

It is speculated that the interplanar radiation is composed of fragments of unreality.

Other hypotheses suggest a close relationship, but make a distinction between two kinds: the interplanar radiations is composed of pure interplanar energy, not only fragments of unreality.

The Fragments of unreality

While the nature of the interplanar radiation is comparable to a kind of aberrant energy, the nature of the fragments of unreality has been closer to an absolute vacuum of information in tiny spaces.

However, the word "void" falls short. In a fragment of unreality there is not information, but not only that, but it does not exist in these points the Space itself, nor Time (or any of the Annex Concepts like Qnch'ur'u, the Njiruh or Namosë) and of course any elemental force.

Fragments of unreality are, therefore, opposed to Parati.

The fragments of unreality can be agregated between them and and eventually form "Planar Errors", where thousands of fragments of unreality come together and grow exponentially.

Planar Errors are very dangerous for the Interplanar Spaces and, specially, for Planar Spaces. Only in the Interplanar Fabric, the Planar Errors have a slower growth, forming enormous strips of unreality.

That's why when materials beings visits the Interplanar Fabric have to be sure that fragments of unreality don't enter inside them, because when they return to their Planar Space, those fragments of unreality could become Planar Errors.

Some Interplanar Travelers say that strips of unreality separate different Interplanar Xones [corruption of the word "zones"].

The '???'

No species knows what the "???" is. It has been theorized in many cases by the most advanced races of Milegu, but inherent in the '???' makes never intended to be understood or even glimpsed.

Although no one knows what they are and not have seen them, because their vision does not remain in memory, in some theories about the '???' it is speculated that in addition to many other things, were a kind of planar distortion.

The Qroses

Many types of Qroses are associated with planar distortion. This is due to the nature itself of the Qroses wether they are Planar Membranes, Planar Portals, holes in the Spatial fabric, are disturbances in the Fabric that it is part of the Planes.

There are also countless examples of Qroses that are enormous planar distortions, either of temporary character or permanent (white holes, tempo-planar distortions 1 etc)

If Qroses are considered like planar distortions, it is easy then to assume that the vast majority of Planar structures that have Qroes can be included in some form of planar distortions. However, this is not like that. Qrose is a planar distortion in a sense, because it alters the Planar Fabric (or other fundamental Fabrics of reality), but the whole of Planar Spaces and Qroses (as Shains or Qqarduss) can hardly be taken as a whole as if they were planar distortions.

Windows of Content and Paradox Windows

While Windows of Content are not, by themselves, planar distortions, there are examples of content windows that are.

Windows of Content are Planar structures that include in very little space huge amounts of Milegu (even the whole Milegu). This is due to the highly paradoxical properties Milegu allowing self-content  and the Interior of the Unique.

Because of the breadth of the self-content of the Milegu, Windows of Content are susceptible to generate disturbance its inside, changing the reality of all its content.

An example of these distortions would be the ones called "paradoxical windows", "windows to the absurd" or the "connections with ∞p-Milegu" where a corrupted Window of Content would make to appear elements of a ∞p-Milegu in a 0-Milegu.

Paradoxical Windows can make that a planet located in a fairly isolated Plane from the rest of Milegu can recieve strange visits.

The planar pulses

Planar pulses (or planar vibrations) are what genuinely is meant by "planar distortions". In this case, they are waves of distortion that moves through the Interplanar Fabric or through a Planar Space. They were discovered by Dussians 2 and included in their interplanar spaceships (specially in the self-destructive hive-spaceships of the Dussians.

These pulses are planar vibrations 3 (or explosions) of interplanar character that are capable of harming interplanar beings that other powers would not affect at all.


Due Alpkatchen there are many more planar distortions: the Interplanar Rust or the Interplanar Storms.

*1: The tempo-planar distortions are very similar to the planar distortions, also only changing the temporal reference frame. Generally we talk about tempo-planar distortions to refer exclusively to phenomena of involuntary temporary translation.
*2: It is very possible that Dussians be limited only to copy the technology of more advanced beings.
*3: Although called vibrations do not need a material medium for propagation.

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That's a hell of dissertation. I like the concept of the "fragments of unreality" but the "???" beats them all. Beyond the name (fantastic) it seems simply the all and the nothing, the alpha and the omega...well, it could be the mistery of creation and end of all. At least, it's how I read it!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)