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The Yáwohhiur appears to be similar to a ant-bear humanoid, tall, of almost 2 meters high and with a light and graceful walk.

With their travels through Planes, their appeareance changed incredibly, to the point of being unrecognizable in some cases. Many experimented with with hazardous energy, others increased their size to be gigantic beings.

The Yáwohhiur are beings with humanoid features that lives in a lot of Planets and Planes. Some of their subespecies, specially the Interplanar Yáwohhiur, have an enormous size.

Their planet of origin is Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari, where the history role that they played was fundamental. They were the species that discovered the subworlds, small subrealities associated with every object in Qhot. This caused a revolution in their society in all the levels. Long time later, although with many reluctance (and after two wars with other species and one civil war), this discovery was given to other species.

The Yáwohhiur groups were very primitive before discover accidentally the subworlds. They didn't established any State and their material resources were scarce. They even still had myrmecophagous habits, complementary with the usual diet of fruits, vegetables and meat 1.

Their territory it was yet limited to the Erakykima continent. However, they already prefered to move freely in the vast plains of the center of Erakykima rather than travel in small groups in the hardwood jungles of the rest of the continent.

The social and technologicall progress was on par with their contact to more ancient races like the High Elves (Anxi'ulluë) or the Elves of Fire Blood. They developed with all the elvish nations an intense trade, that contributed even more to increase their development.

The status quo wouldn't be maintained indefinitely: tensions between Yáwohhiur and other species were increasing due to their progressive technological superiority.
It was with the two crisis of the subworlds, when the yáwohhiur countries begin to face bigger problems.

First happened the crisis of the "conquer of the subworlds", when some megalomaniacs Yáwohhiur were responsible for very serious incidents.Those events were rapidly cut but they would lead to another crisis, "the crisis of the own subworlds", where Odranæ, a student of the subworlds, created a subworld and revealed all that information through the instantaneous yáwohhiur press 2.
Yawohhiur instant press by Jakeukalane

This revelation to almost every Yáwohhiur caused to close the frontiers and the trade became controlled directly by the army, in order to avoid leaks to other species.

This decision was taken not without reluctance, but if other species ever know about the subworlds, that can provoke wars (and in fact it will do). Wars that, despite their technollogy superiority, they weren't prepared to engage and much less to win.

Years passed and the situation became increasingly tense between Yáwohhiur and other species who traded with them. Military control of goods fueled the suspicion that already had other species on the high development of Yáwohhiur. The creation of various agencies (Committee and Council) to discover the secret of Yáwohhiur precipitated the situation, —despite its slowness to get to conclusions— as the Elves of Glowing Blood (also called esgoig ve sa' Sa'dlse Segstsa'dveriedle), beings with dark interests, decided to intervene directly in the diplomatic conflict that quickly became a tremendously complex war: the First Bloodelvish War.

Despite their ancient commercial "enemies" turn into allies (a fraction of the Committee allied with the Yáwohhiur to face the new threat), the superiority of the Elves of Glowing Blood was overwhelming.

This great advantage in war and in its development is explained easily because the Sa'dveriedle had created what is known as the Plague of Glowing Blood, groups of "microorganisms" with seminorganic features and unstoppable advance that attacked everything that found in their way, but especially technological yáwohhiur devices.
La Plaga de la Sangre Resplandeciente by Jakeukalane

The war continued with small raids of the Sa'dveriedle and Yáwohhiur reactions, while the Plague ravaged the fields and destroyed the Yáwohhiur gadgets. It was quickly contained, but even the help of the Allied Coalition with the Yáwohhiur weren't able to extinguish it all.

One of the more eastern yáwohhiur territories, Pjyuyu, resisted this invasion much better. However, this advantage over the rest of yáwohhiur territories along with the resentment accumulated over centuries took shape with the start of a civil war, the breakdown of the Coalition and the resumption of direct conflict with the Elves of Glowing Blood that invaded ruthlessly yáwohhiur kingdoms and territories, starting the Second Bloodelvish War.

The momentum of the Elves of the Glowing Blood was such that in some years they come to the gates of the capital, Vaelamieelu, and submitted to siege.

The Yáwohhiur could only be saved by a new technique allowing extract objects from the subworlds. They extracted from the subworlds a group of Neldra (stone giant beings). The Neldra destroyed quickly the army of the Elves of Glowing Blood, freeing the city and yáwohhiur territories.

However, in the midst of the conflagration, the secret that had caused the two Bloodelvish Wars and the Civil War, had been revealed to other species. Thereafter any individual of any species could access subworlds and create them (the technology necessary to extract things from the subworlds was still too nascent to be used in masse).

The history of Yáwohhiur thereafter becomes very fuzzy, like everything in Qhot.

It may have been then when the Yáwohhiur explored other planets and planes in which to live.

Realms and Territories

In Qhot, their realms where settled in Erakykima, and mainly, in Central Erakykima. The knowledge that they have about the subworlds helped to reduce border conflicts with other cultures and beings, holding back continuosly their territorial expansion. Thus, although the subworlds were a permanent source of conflict (in the sense that keeping the secret generated suspicions in other species), the fact that the Yáwohhiur know the subworlds also restrain the clashes with other species.

Although the culture between 8 western kingdoms (Juituyu, Hyro, Wyanth, Nnsai, Nwaro, Fjais, Qajori and Hrui) is similar, each had different types of government (republics, absolute monarchies, military dictatorship, government decentralized ...). The case is different in Pjyuyu to the east, with a clearly distinct culture. Pjyuyu always had a monarchy, but did not intervene too much in the affairs of citizens.

When the Interplanar Yáwohhiur expanded to other Planes, they elected a Supreme Ruler, and to him they gave all kinds of knowledge and power, so he can take care of all Yáwohhiur in all the Planes.

*1: The Yáwohhiur have a kind of acid or digestive juice in the claws that help them to ingest the food through their mouth without teeth. This process is similar to that carried out by some types of spiders.
*2: This is a model → Yáwohhiur newspaper.
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Interesting species and story :) (Smile) 
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Thank you, I have yet to translate all the story of the planet, that is a bit more deep and complex.
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muy interesante diseño! leí por ahí que entre los muchos nahuales de las américas hay una raza de chamanes osos hormiguero XD suena loco y gracioso si los comparas con las brujas ranas venenosas, los hechiceros nutria o los hombres oso... pero viendo este diseño no me parece absurdo un hombre oso hormiguero, creo que si los considerare en mis proyectos. 
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muchas gracias, si quieres leerlo en español, aquí está →…

Gracias por el comentario :D Me alegro que ahora vaya a considerar a los chamanes osos hormigueros :D
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That is a really awesome concept and the history makes them even more awesome!
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I am really really glad that you like it.

I corrected one sentence "It was quickly contained, but even the help of the Allied Coalition with the Yáwohhiur weren't able to extinguish it all.". that before was "...with the Yáwohhiur was able". I am sure there are many mistakes like that. Have you seen any other?

Also, this is the condensed History. I have to translate yet the detailed one.

Thank you for your comment!
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