The Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet (text, v1)

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The Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet (the-world-of-the-countless-wonders) is a planet cover permanently with magic and electric storms. However, the surface of this planet is so porous that all the water accumulates in the core of the planet transformated in ice (due to pressure).
Before the catastrophe that changes this planet forever, did occurred in it amazing events: in each crossroad, in each palace, in each cart, there was associated with it a secret subworld. Those subworlds (several thousand of millions [long scale - 109]) was influenced by the thinking of intelligent beings that lives in Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari: each inhabitant can create a individual world for himself.

The problem occurred when some of the inhabitants of that peculiar worls were controlled by their creations. There were, even, creatures, like Pllana Demons, that left the subworlds where they have been created to wreak havoc in Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari. A major problem than the chaos created by so many creatures was when some people who had their own subworlds devoured the subworlds of others (and also the subworlds associated with things).

At first, it was an isolated problem, happened almost by accident and strict laws were passed to stop this abhorrent practice (the penalties for this crime wasn't jail but deprive the offender of his subworld).

Sarqoisi by Jakeukalane
A Sarqoisi, by unkwnon author

However, when so many living beings all day (28 hours) locked in their subworlds, external laws were taken with "some flexibility". The Sarqoisi, ambitious beings who only sought to power (and some belonging to other races and controlled by Pllana demons) systematically began to devour all the subworlds that they could.

At one point, all subworlds collapsed.

What these beings full of ambition did not know, was that subworlds were not fantasy kingdoms totally independent  from Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari (although it seems).

Each subworld had certain rules that went against the prevailing physical in Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari, but that did not stop that they were part of the very reality of The-world-of-the-countless-wonders.

When the last Sarqoisi devoured the last subworlds, they agreed to devour/merge between them (retaining the inteligence of all of them and forming a mental colony inside one only body). When all of this ocurred, it only last less than 200 subworlds in all Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari. When the Sarqoisi were only one, they also devoured to (or fusioned with) Pllana Demons that remains. Then only two world remains: the corrupted megasubworld in which the subworld of the Sarqoise had become and a mysterious subworld that they failed to devour.

And it was that this subworld was the subworld that belongs to the whole planet, its achorage: the subworld depended of the Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet much as Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari depended from that subworld.

With a exertion, the Sarqoise also devour that subworld.

When they devoured that subworld, they destroyed the planet itself. They also devouring themselves, because although their ambitions was unlimited, they also belong to the Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet.

Thousands of millions of kingdom had existed in the subworlds that desintegrated in the nothingness: There was only a faint breath, a breeze, a slight sigh that flowed around the planet at the same time and tried to escape into space. But the world refused to die: the sadness, the fumes of those worlds faded into nothingness, rose in the atmosphere and fought with himself and with the world to be free in the cosmos.

The battle continue nowadays, but is a endless battle: the planet, still without its subworld and almost completely destroyed, continues to be a incredible foe for those faint ghosts that are only strong because of its enormous number.

However, it wasn't a battle of hate, but of hope: they were worlds that fight in order to came back to the reality. Simple they "think" in a different way (although their thought is beyond any logical definition of thought).
The Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet fights in order to become what it was: if he "let" that the breaths of the subworlds escape to the space it would be its final end: a dead and dark world, empty inside and sad outside; the absolute bleakness.
The subworld, instead, "believe" in that their salvation it is in the fertile cosmos, full of wonder energies  and lifeforms.

In this ongoing struggle, the Planet try to grasp where possible to the subworlds when they fall against the soil and (the planet) imprisions in his urn of ice.
The subworlds, weak, but also possessing immense strength, achieve to scape from their prison and slap the atmosphere for, once again, fell exhausted in a magic and electric storms (and lost future) against the ground, in their yesteryear resplendent planet.

Maybe this continue forever, but we do not believe; we believe that someday we'll get out of this lost corner that is the nothingness and our subworld will exist again in the face of the Planet of Countless Wonders.

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Again an amazing text Jakeukalane!I love the concept of a sentient planet!I wonder though how exactly the Sarqoisi devoured those subworlds, was it magic or technology?
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Magic, definitely. I am really glad you like this text. I will try to translated the text that I did after this, explaning the past events of Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari, really long text. I am publishing some works really related with this story such as Pllana Demons, Jibtyg Demons, the Qhot-naun-phaqiasierra Planet and the Sarqoisi itself.

I didn't write yet the article about Sarqoisi so the answer to your question is not yet solved.

This subworlds have to be thought like a strange kind of Nested Planes (nested realities), so always depends of something superior. So a subworld related with a path (a road, the ground) is linked with that path. Sarqoisi (and Pllana Demons) can devour that subworld, but they will also will have in them the link with that part of the reality "above".

I know that that response doesn't answer really to your question, but I think is more clear now :)

sorry for the replying so late, is likely that your comment was buried by other notifications.
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Thanks for the additional info Alberto,looking forward to reading more!
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Wow, this is an amazing story with many wonders :) !
I see a sad irony of creators who are ultimately destroyed by their own creation. Then a great drama where the power struggles become a chain of devouring that takes on a life of its own…
How sad that no one sees they are destroying themselves and their world.
I love this concept of secret subworlds that each being can influence – and wonder if it is a metaphor for art.
I love how the Planet of Countless Wonders must save itself with the last breath of that world – such a beautiful concept…such a wonder! I like to think it will find the balance it struggles for.
Great story! (I also like the pic of the badass Pllana Demon!)
Jakeukalane's avatar
Thank you indeed, love your comment from start to end :heart:

As I said before, you have play an important role in this. Maybe it can't be seen as enterily connected to Journal, but I wrote just after seeing 30 minutes of it :) Maybe the inspiration is the sensation of loss, and the wonderful that yet remains ;)

i had the hope you like this story and that's nice you finally like it :D

thanks again for your comment.
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