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Los Pralatavi (imagen) by Jakeukalane
Bloody Pralatavi by Gerald Brom, modified by Jakeukalane.

The Pralatavi are Interplanar Beings that have fused with one or more Parati.

The Parati serve as indicators of the direction for travelers, especially the Interplanar Travellers. They are very hard to  muy difíciles to acquire, since they re made of energy and barely interact with matter 1.

When a Interplanar Travelers get a Parati, it intertwined with the individual. Usually a Parati is of immense size, but when fused with the individual who has acquired it reduces and only shows as a circle in its front or in another visible part of the body.

The ones who merged with Parati have many "powers", but most of them come from know how to take the corrects decisions.

The disadvantage is that they have the absolute obligation to obey their Parati and always do what is right, whateve is convenient or not. If a Parati is not obeyed becomes black.

The Pralatavi usually have high goals and avoid contact with other living beings, since sometimes they would act against those who have just met.

There are some Pralatavi who adquire more than one Parati and, in this case, the colour of the miniature Parati that they have in the front or in their chest becomes multicolored. Having two Parati can be beneficial in the short term for a one Pralatavi (which would be known as Bipralatavi or Kalpralatavi), as their powers multiply, however in long term could evetually drive him crazy and create in hima a need to acquire other Parati.

The Pralatavi having two Parati can resist this impulse easily if their Parati are complementary or fairly homogeneous. However, if they come from different Interplanar Xones, they can cause a conflict between both Parati.

When one Pralatavi have more than two Parati (so, it is called a Tripralatavi or Sfalpralatavi), his mark becomes red as his Parati always will conflict each other. This conflict could take full control of the Sfalpralatavi. A Pralatavi who have three Parati is capable of seeing mutiple possible futures. This Pralatavi yet choose not to go in seach of more Parati. There are even some Sfalpralatavi who choose, as many of the common Pralatavi, to retreat themselves to hidden caves in the Interplanar Fabric in order to meditate about existence.

The Muhpralatavi are those Pralatavi who possess more than three Parati. Los Muhpralatavi become hopelessly insane, aggravating their situation since they are not bound by their Parati to do the right thing.

Usually, Muhpralatavi not only go crazy but also become terrible murderers, looking for other Pralatavi in order to murder them and get their Parati. That's why they are known as Bloody Pralatavi.

But this search leads to destruction because when a Parati is linked to a living being an almost unbreakable bond is established. Even death does not break such link, and the link remains even with one broken end. That broken also prevents the Parati to fix to another being with normality.

When a Bloody Pralatavi tries to rebuild that link, the Prati of the recently murdered Pralatavi reacts negatively, triggering a battle between the Parati and the Bloody Pralatavi. This battle can end in several ways: although in almost none of them will win the Pralatavi, but it can manage to achieve it.

If the Muhpralatavi is very powerful it can merge with the Parati, taking a part of itself and replacing the falling apart extreme of the Parati.

However, in most of cases, the broken Parati takes control of the aggressor and leaves blind, in addition to force him to repair the evil deeds that it have cause to take more Parati.

Some Bloody Pralatavi use Blue Portals in order to atract more Pralatavi to murder them and get their Parati.

*1: This just like in appearance. Actually, this energy surronding the Parati acts as a disguise that seeks to hide the incredible features of a Parati.

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These drawings are so awesome...put together with your stories it is an amazing collaboration!  :clap: