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Cubes Enigma By Larabln by Jakeukalane
Pllanes floating in a Interplanar Space (Cubes Enigma by LaraBLN

The Planes 1 are the most frequent kind of the Planar Spaces in Milegu, presenting very definite features (within the usual uncertainty of everything concerning the Milegu) and very similar to the concept of Parallel Universes.
The Planes are (in the Milegu) a kind of space of greater dimensions that the space itself. That is, in a Plane could fit several spaces of 3-dimensions.

Unlike a Parallel Universe, a Plane doesn't need to present "internal" characteristics that are similar to those of a universe, that is, its contents can be any possible: from enormous energy flows, exotic forms of matter or space, to enormous mazes generated by themselves. Also does not have to have a source that is consistent with the internal characteristics of the plane itself (Universes usually depend on certain variables that are set in its beginnings and are consistent throughout the universe). 2

However, on a Plane, that it is able to contain in its interior spaces of 3-dimensions (which can be other Planes, universes etc) can lead to technically be a Multiverse (and would only really if all individuals were actually Universes).
Due to the problems presented by such complex structures as the Planar Spaces to determine its characteristics, it is often impossible to differentiate between a Multiverse, multiple Universes situated on a Plane or Planar Spaces with equivalent characteristics.

Due to the wide variety of Planes and Planar Structures in Milegu, there is usually an adjective near the term Plane, in order to give more information about the structure or content of the Plane.

There a lot of kinds of Planes such as Elemental Planes, Astral Planes, Core-Planes, Singular Planes, Positive/Negative Planes, Pllanes, Nested Planes, Timeplanes, between so many others (because of the concept of Alpkatchen, "there is always more").

*1: By Plane we can understand several things:
A. Plane: adjective. Having the quality of being smooth and not curved.
B. Plane: Mathematical object definable in 2 or more (mathematical) dimensions that is determined by a point and a vector, two lines (or vectors) or by two points etc.
C. Plane: Fantastical concept that means more or less the same as a dimension, taking the word dimension as the same that we use when we talk about Parallel Universes.
D. Plane of D&D. Those are somekind different Planes to the Planes of Milegu.
We are refering in this point to C or D.
*2: Despite of the realistic tone of this point, it should be noted that the Planes as they are designed here does not exist and that the Milegu not exist. We speak here of comparatively Universes: showing and sharing features that differentiate them. However, the very word "universe" is something (from a non-fictional perspective) a bit controversial, since the existence of multiple universes is just one of many hypotheses to explain our physical (and real universe, Milegu in contrast, which is fictitious). I take this paragraph to emphasize that all the talk here is fictitious.

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great! a nice intro to the concept! :D