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The Flaming Mountain

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Montaña de carácter interplanar custodiada por WagmoreBarkless
Mountain of interplanar features guarded by WagmoreBarkless


Esto es un regalo/this is a present for :iconwagmorebarkless:WagmoreBarkless

Imágenes originales/original images

Forecast: Over-cast and Ducky 2 & Fading Light & September Blues and Greens & Cloud Shroud
por WagmoreBarkless 

Hecho con/done with

GIMP bajo/under GNU/Linux Ubuntu 11.10
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Thank you so much for the mention, Alberto - it's a cool abstract! :nod:
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You're welcome! :)
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Thanks :D , indeed misterious.
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my pleasure^^ your most welcome my friend
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Great job!
And thanks for crediting the texture sources!  Your work in innovative and unique.  I like!Heart Heart 
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:D I am really glad that you like it!

Thanks for your compliments, although I don't fell my work is innovative :) I can tell that most probably is a bit unique as I didn't see another people doing similar things to this. The most similar works out there are for my friend Charles ( ChasMandala )

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