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The Dark Valley

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Published: August 11, 2014

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El Valle Oscuro es el nombre coloquial para la zona controlada por Tllăyispā y su trono-mole (jhäakut-kiinumsjh). Tllăyispā es uno de los cuatro Grandes Reyes (o tres quitando a Tllýsinma) y el más poderoso de todos ellos.
Este Dios reúne multitud de nubes negras entorno a su trono-montaña. Su actividad principal consiste en "destilar" el nuboso manto perpetuo que cubre algunas zonas (de tamaño inconmensurable) de Tllll. Extiende el manto nuboso entorno a su trono-montaña y lo hace más delgado en unos puntos y más grueso en otros, apilándolo por capas. Cuando el manto deshilachado está listo, lo entreteje formando patrones increíblemente complejos (patrones de Esencias) y les insufla su Aliento, proporcionándoles vida. Por eso se le denomina a Tllăyispā como el Dios del Viento y la Sombra. Una de sus múltiples encarnaciones es la de un ser humanoide con una poblada barba blanca y una capa enorme. Su tamaño, cuando ha aparecido en otros Planos, rivaliza con las montañas más enormes que se puedan concebir.
The Dark Valley is the colloquial name to the zone controlled by Tllăyispā and his mole-throne.
Tllăyispā is one of the four Great Kings (or three if we don't count Tllýsima). He is the most powerfull of them. This God gather many dark clouds around his throne-mountain. Its main activity is to "distill" the perpetual cloud cloak that covers some areas (of immeasurable size) of Tllll. He extends the cloud cover around his throne-mountain and gets thinner at points and thicker in others, by stacking layers. When the frayed cloak is ready, he forms incredibly complex interwoven patterns (patterns Essences) and blown them their breath, giving life. That's why it is called a Tllăyispā as the God of Wind and Shadow. One of its many incarnations is that of a humanoid being with a white beard and a huge coat. Its size, when it has appeared in other planes, rivaling the most massive mountains that can be conceived.

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AvengiumHobbyist Writer
Me imagino, (si me permites) siendo las nubes la barba de Tllăyispā. La verdad es que da la sensacion de que estan bien caracterizados, cada uno con su ambito de poder arquetipico e indentificable. :D :Cara de satisfacción:
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
:cara de super satisfacción:
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
Sí, gracias :D 

Sobre Tllăyispā, lamentablemente tengo una imagen muy definida en mi cabeza, por eso no busqué imágenes ya hechas, porque no iban a encajar.
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AvengiumHobbyist Writer
Pues si es tan definida escribe la descripción fisica pormenorizada y adjuntala cuando pidas la comisión.
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
No encaja. esperemos que inventen una cosa para dibujar con la mente.
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ChasMandalaHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful picture - like a barren landscape at dusk. Amazing story behind the Dark Valley also - I really enjoy the stories you have posted with your pictures. :clap:
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
About the picture: I really appreciate you like it :D yep, that was my intention with the edition (the original is this → multiartist.deviantart.com/art…  I took it in the travel coming back to my home from vacations).

About the story:
This one is just a small part of the story. The complete story features all the 20 Black Gods of Tllll and have the levels of hierarchy (Emperor, High Kings, Kingly Consorts, High Counts, High Consorts, Low Consorts, High Counselors).

This is the complete article (in spanish → tuscriaturas.blogia.com/2014/0… )  You can see the images of few more Gods. As most of them are editions of pictures of a great author (hamsterfly), I can't post here on dA, due copyright issues.

As the story is already finished and it is a closed plot (well, it have relationship with Noamu plot and Ewdtia plot, but remote and only with the Tllýsinma god) I will probably translate to english soon.

This are the deviations that I have related to Tllll plot:

jakeukalane.deviantart.com/art… (yet to translate)
and  fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/201… (with art of GenkoFox) (not yet published).

About the stories in the deviations almost all of them are connected between them in a way or other. They are all located in Milegu (a kind of multiuniverse). The races that I created with more detail are the Dussians ( :icondussians:) and the Upandu (jakeukalane.deviantart.com/art… ). I also do a lot of things related with Milegu and its structures → jakeukalane.deviantart.com/gal… .

As I were more a writer than an artist, I started to drawing with the computer the concepts that I alredy have writen, but then it was at the contrary: as I do experiments with a lot of software, soon I changed that, and I create first the images and then the concepts, so those concepts are always growing with the new pictures.

Thank you for all your comments, it is always encouraging to read you :D   And although I can't reply all, I read them.

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ChasMandalaHobbyist General Artist
This is most excellent my friend - and no worries about not replying - I understand. The more watchers I get, the less I have the time to reply to every note...I feel bad, but I tell everyone that I am grateful for their faves, their compliments, and all the rest. Even if you do not hear from me for a while - I am still keeping you in my mind and heart. 
You are awesome - keep up the great work! :handshake: :bow:
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