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Los Demonios Pllana


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Los demonios Pllana son demonios que viven en cualquier lugar del Milegu, pero preferiblemente en la mente de otros seres. Unos de los Demonios Pllana más conocidos son lo que habitaban en Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari (texto)
The Pllana demons are demons that lives in every place of Milegu, but preferably in the mind of other beings. Ones of the Pllana Demons most known are the ones that inhabit in the Qhot-naun-phaqiasiari planet (text).


Hecho con/Done with the Demon generator de/of :icontorvenius:torvenius

Hecho con/done with

GIMP bajo/under GNU/Linux Ubuntu 11.10
Demon generator (by torvenius) Icon:iconmadeinkobaiadwg3::iconubuntuplz::iconlinux-plz:
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interesting piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you :)  

But please, notice that I did with this →…
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ok you are honest good person!
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Most of my work is derived in some way of other people work so I always have a section of credits in my deviations for telling in what way I did the images. I think that is the way to show a respect for the people that allow to use their work or, in this case, post the generator.

thanks :)

and greetings!
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This is like concpet art for a game. Really awesome!!
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Thanks! But all the merit is of torvenius Try his generator →…
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Ooh awesome. I will defo take a look!
Still you generated something awesome
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wow colorastes muy bien, megusta como isistes la piel.
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En realidad el mérito es de torvenius Prueba su generador de demonios →…
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you're welcome
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._. Wow! Sorprendente :D
Me encanta :love:
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muchas gracias :D

puedes hacer tu también uno en el link de la descripción :)
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really great O.O *-*
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thanks! :D really glad you like it :D
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mmmm...lobster claws! who's got the melted butter? ;)
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:S what does means?
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thank you indeed :D
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You`re welcome!:D
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