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La Tierra Neshlspik
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Published: June 14, 2015

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La Tierra Neshlspik es un Planeta-Espín, parte de la realidad cambiante de la Tierra Neshl. Los Planeta Espín son Planetas aparentemente normales desde el exterior. Sin embargo, esa normalidad no es tal, sus superficies esconden un secreto: si se pudiese aplastar sus superficie y meterla en una plancha de prensado para imprimir su relieve, sería necesaria más de una rotación para poder vislumbrar la totalidad de la superficie. También se puede definir como que necesita más de un giro completo para volver a su estado original. En el caso de la Tierra Neshlspik serían necesarias infinitas rotaciones/giros para que se pueda vislumbrar completa su superficie o para volver al mismo punto. Es decir, la superficie de la Tierra Neshlspik es infinita.

No se puede decir lo mismo de su atmósfera y del propio globo terrestre de Neshlspik, que son finitos. Por lo tanto en algún punto de la atmósfera de Nelshspik se produce una Phrontera. En este caso la Phrontera no sería de tipo interplanar (como las Fronteras al Espacio Interplanar o las Fronteras Lógico-matemáticas). La Frontera que separa la superficie de la Tierra Neshlspik del espacio se denomina Frontera Rielante (o Phrontera Rielante).

Como se puede adivinar, una Frontera Rielante es un lugar muy peligroso puesto que se producen efectos similares a los de una Frontera lógico-matemática: ambos lados de la Phrontera son radicalmente diferentes y las Phronteras Rielantes están pobladas de ∞p (infinito-paradojas). Una de las características más destacables de las Phronteras Rielantes que se producen en los Planetas-Espín es la producción continua de destellos luminosos y electromagnéticos.

En algún misterioso lugar del Planeta se encuentra el Salón de Nusgawa, un lugar mítico de la Tierra Neshlspik donde se puede observar una representación abstracta del spin del Planeta. Se podría decir que es el eje de rotación de la superficie del Planeta. El Salón de Nusgawa es el Fragmento de Espín que hace que Neshlspik sea un Planeta-Espín.

The Neshlspik Earth is a Spin-planet, part of the reality, always changing of Neshl Earth. The Spin-Planets are Planets apperently normal from outside. However, that normality is not, their surfaces hiddes a secret: if its surface could be crushed and put it in a press plate printing relief, it would require more than one rotation to glimpse the entire surface. It can also be defined as you need more than one full turn to return to its original state. In the case of the Neshlspik Earth would be needed endless rotations / turns in order to glimpse completes its surface or to return to the same point. That is, the surface of the Earth Neshlspik is infinite.

It can't be say the same for the atmosphere and the itself terrestrial globe of Neshlspik, which are finite. So somewhere, in the atmosphere, comes a Vorder. In this case it would not be Interplanar Vorder type (such as Vorders to interplanar space or logical-mathematical Borders). The border between the surface of the Earth Neshlspik and space is called Shimmering Border (or Shimmering Vorder).

As it can be guessed, one Shimmering Border is a very dangerous place as similar effects of a Logical-mathematical Border occur: both sides of the Vorder are radically different and the Shimmering Vorders are populated with ∞p (infinite-paradox). One of the highlights of Shimmering Vorders that occur on Planets-Spin are the continuous production of light and electromagnetic flashes.

In a mysterious place of the Planet it is placed the Hall of Nusgawa, a mythic place in Neshlspik Earth where it can be observed an abstract representation of the spin of the Planet. It could be said that is the axis of rotation of the surface of the Planet. The Hall of Nusgawa is the Fragment of Spin that makes possible for Neshlspik to be a Spin-Planet.


Earthday gallery 2012 #42 por/by NASA/JPL/UCSD/JSC.


Las Fronteras rielantes por/by :iconjakeukalane:Jakeukalane


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Nice work!

A question that came to my mind while reading the description: how do the poles of the spin planet look like? And what happens if someone will try to pass through the pole?
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
I love your questions! You always think in unpredicted things for me :)

Well, thinking about it, I think that the Shimmering Border should be like the magnetig field of earth so the border will be very close to the surface in the poles.

It is a very good question the other one because you are asking if the "infinite extension" is affecting the planet not only in the east-west part but also in the north-south. In the case of Neshlspik I think you can never reach the pole. It would be like trying to reach the horizon in the earth.

In other spin-planet, not-infinite, maybe would be different, I have to think more about it, and also if there are planets with only one axis (north-south or east-west) affected.

Thank you again for your questions!!
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You're welcome :) (Smile)  Yes, I'm not very good in making compliments, so I usually comment when the deviation interested me and I want to know more on the subject, and that means asking questions.

I must admit despite the fact that I somehow understood the concept of spin planets, I thought their surface is infinite only, as you said, in east/west direction. The planet with surface that is infinite in all directions is beyond my poor imagination Confused  Still I wonder how the attempt to reach the pole will look like. Does it mean that the curvature of the Neshlspik Earth isn't manifested in north/south directions and the sun at midday is always at 90 degrees to the surface?
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, is hard to imagine. I don't know, really how it will be because it will require mathematics that I am not able in a thousand years to know... I think is a real topology problem, so any attempt of my part would turn into a incorrect "factible answer". Also, maybe the answer is that is impossible in physics a situation like that...

But, for the fiction, I imagine that the curvature just become more a more imperceptible, so technically would be like that, 90º perpendicular to the sun. Yes, I think it will be the second.
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This partly reminds me conformal map projections, in which the poles go to infinity. (You probably know this type of maps, where Greenland is larger than Australia.) I'm not sure though how it can help; it's just a method of displaying the globe in a way that is somewhat similar to your ideas :) (Smile) 
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